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Hattrick Football Association or HFA is a mystic oraganisation located in Hattrick world which has made a total of 2 announcements published as My Hattrick messages:

Bankruptcy change

The Hattrick Football Association (HFA) has had enough of supporting players in bankrupted teams. - As of September 11 we will no longer pay salaries to players in teams that have gone bankrupt, HFA's spokesperson says. - This will of course mean that those players will leave their bankrupted teams and quit playing football since their teams cannot pay their salaries; but we don't see any reason for continuing to take the economical damage for teams going bankrupt.

National team players will however not quit if their teams go bankrupt. HFA will make sure they get transfer listed.

Wing Attack training problem

The Hattrick Football Association (HFA) has confirmed speculations regarding flaws in the recently introduced Wing Attack training scheme. - There was a mistake on our part which has led to players not receiving the correct amount of training. They have also experienced form loss, says the HFA spokesperson. - We deeply regret any problems this may have caused managers, but unfortunately we can not undo these effects. New training instructions has now been printed and distributed to all teams, making sure the correct procedures are followed in the future.