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Screenshot of Hattrick Manager

Hattrick Manager (HM)was a Helper Application for the Hattrick Online Game. It shows a very tidy user interface and is very easy to use, even for newbies. It is a Windows application, but there exist guides how to make it run on Linux and Mac OS X, too. The community of HM users is quite large and bug reports are always taken care of by the author of the software. The application is of course multi-languaged.

HM has the following major features:

  • Auto Lineup tool
  • Training Tracking
  • Opponent Preview (including HT-Dog style analysis)
  • Player and Profile sorting
  • Player Categories
  • Player and Team History, including Comparison
  • Drag and Drop Lineup Tool
  • Match View and History
  • Player Tryout (also supporting Cut and Paste from Hattrick)
  • Arena Calculator
  • And much more...

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