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(The Complete List of Challenges)
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''As a previously existing user, you are also welcome to complete the Manager License Challenge. However, you won't get any bonus money; that just wouldn't be fair. But you do get a small diploma to display on your team page. More information is available under My Hattrick > Manager License in the menu.''
''As a previously existing user, you are also welcome to complete the Manager License Challenge. However, you won't get any bonus money; that just wouldn't be fair. But you do get a small diploma to display on your team page. More information is available under My Hattrick > Manager License in the menu.''
==The Complete List of Challenges==
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The program consists of 24 parts (also named 'challenges'):
The program consists of 24 parts (also named 'challenges'):

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Manager License

The Hattrick Manager License Challenge is a program established for new players to help them learn the rules of the game by a simple philosophy: they will read the rules if there is money involved. The challenge consists of 24 different parts. The last six parts are all quizzes of six questions each.

History of the Program

The Manager License program was launched on November 28th, 2005 (Global Season 27 after match day 11). The Hattrick Team issued this announcement explaining the changes:

11/28/2005 - Newbie Tutorial
Starting today, new users in Hattrick will get to complete a tutorial - the Hattrick Manager License Challenge - over their first few weeks on the site.
It consists of a number of tasks that the user has to complete to get the License. Rather than getting a big lump of money at the start, new teams will get only EUR 50,000 on day one and will instead receive a bonus for each completed task. The maximum bonus sum is an additional EUR 250,000.
As a previously existing user, you are also welcome to complete the Manager License Challenge. However, you won't get any bonus money; that just wouldn't be fair. But you do get a small diploma to display on your team page. More information is available under My Hattrick > Manager License in the menu.

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The program consists of 24 parts (also named 'challenges'):

  1. Name your arena - €5,000 (cost = €4,000)
    Pretty straightforward. Just go to the "Arena" page and change your arena name.
  2. Promote a Youth Player - €5,000 (cost = €2,000)
    Again, pretty straightforward. Go to the "The Club" page and promote a youth player.
  3. Check economy - €10,000
    Simply visiting the economy page finishes this challenge.
  4. Check your players - €10,000
    Just visit the players page.
  5. Hire a Specialist - €10,000
    Go to "The Club" and hire a specialist. Simple.
  6. Search for... - €10,000
    I'm actually not sure which completed this challenge: either visiting search under tools, or clicking on the link to your own league in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  7. Book a Friendly - €15,000
    You must either accept a challenge for a friendly, or challenge someone to a friendly and have them accept.
  8. Match Order (4-4-2) - €25,000
    Can only be completed after Challenge #7. You must set a lineup, and then hit the all-important "Send Orders" button to complete this challenge.
  9. Join the newbie conference and the conference of your league - €10,000
    If you're reading this, you've probably done this. :-p
  10. Place a bid on a player - €15,000
    It doesn't matter if you win the bid or not, you just need to bid on someone.
  11. Check the result of your first match - €10,000
    Strangely enough, you don't have to wait until after your first match to do this. Just click on Matches, and under "More info about the team" choose "last lineup" and challenge complete.
  12. Transfer List a Player - €15,000 (cost = €1,000)
    Just try to sell a player. It doesn't matter if they're bought or not.
  13. Choose Training Type - €10,000
    Just go under training and choose a training type. Simple.
  14. Play your second Match (new match order) - €10,000
    I'm not sure if you have to change something in your match order or not, but again, you must hit that important "Send Orders" button to complete. It only works for A DIFFERENT MATCH than the one used for Challenge #8. In other words, by now, you must have booked at least 2 matches and used a different match order (?) for each of them.
  15. Fill in your details - €20,000
    It gives you a few more things to fill out when you click the link it gives you. Then you have to wait a few days for a GM to look at it. Note that once this challenge has been done, and a GM has looked at it, you can then look at tactics and position in your own match orders.
  16. Visit "About Supporter" - €10,000
    You just need to go to help -> About supporter.
  17. "Buy" credits in the shop (for free) - €10,000
    It just wants you to go to the shop and buy the 3 credits. It doesn't charge you for them, or even ask for payment information. You can buy them for yourself, or for someone else, it doesn't matter.
  18. Reposition players - €10,000
    In order to finish this challenge, you have to use a different match formation than 4-4-2. After finishing challenge 15, the game will allow you to change the formation and orders. But in order to finish this challenge, you must use a different game than the ones used for #8 and #14. This means in order to finish this challenge, you must set the orders for your third game. Once again, when you have finished playing around with the match orders, you must hit the Send Orders button.
  19. Quiz 1 - €6,500
    You get quizzed on various parts of the game. No, I'm not giving away the answers. They give you a link to the rules page, and the answers are easy. And multiple choice.
  20. Quiz 2 - €6,500
  21. Quiz 3 - €6,500
  22. Quiz 4 - €6,500
  23. Quiz 5 - €7,000
  24. Quiz 6 - €7,000
    Total amount of money you earn when you have finished all quizes, is €40,000.