Hattrick Masters I - Round 1

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Round 1 of Hattrick Masters I was played on Monday the 20th of February 2006 at 08:00 HT-Time.

Country Home Result Away Country
Template:Flag/LUX Gainesvillerockcity 0:2 NightWalkers Template:Flag/TPE
Template:Flag/BEL SC Brussels United 1:4 NK DVDjka.com Template:Flag/SVN
Template:Flag/KGZ ALA TOO 2:5 Ac Milan Cyprus Template:Flag/CYP
Template:Flag/POR C.F."Os Belenenses" 3:2 Oriole United Template:Flag/SWE
Template:Flag/USA FC Kaauuli 5:1 Unreal Aktobe Template:Flag/KAZ
Template:Flag/ARM FC Armavir 0:5 FC Gruders Template:Flag/POL
Template:Flag/IRL Inter United 3:2 the CamelMasters Template:Flag/SCG
Template:Flag/BRA Fuzarca F.C. 2:3 YUGO45 Template:Flag/SCG
Template:Flag/BOL RIENTEPETROLERO 0:3 Glasgow Athletic Template:Flag/SCO
Template:Flag/GER FC Teerlunge 5:0 36 FC Template:Flag/HKG
Template:Flag/FRO Bockers Rovers 0:3 Ellwood Template:Flag/WAL
Template:Flag/USA G's Goons 7:0 Real Oviedo C.F Template:Flag/HON
Template:Flag/PAR Tricolor de Corazón 4:2 Mellieha F.C. Template:Flag/MLT
Template:Flag/IDN FC Chievo 0:3 FC Zdar nad Sazavou Template:Flag/CZE
Template:Flag/TPE Golden Dragon 7:0 Jakova FC Template:Flag/ALB
Template:Flag/DOM FC Vaina 0:6 Styrian Killer Template:Flag/AUT
Template:Flag/URU Malpertuis F.C. 1:2 GB Rovers Template:Flag/IRL
Template:Flag/EST FC Loksa Lamakid 3:2 Strebersdorfer Soccer-Buam Template:Flag/AUT
Template:Flag/KEN wanafunzi 4:0 U. D. Son Sardina Template:Flag/ESP
Template:Flag/KSA KFUPM 5:3 atletico don chichi Template:Flag/BOL
Template:Flag/JOR Long and Strong 0:3 Ikaroi Template:Flag/GRE
Template:Flag/FIN FC Murikka 7:6 Tsing Yi MTR Drivers Template:Flag/CHN
Template:Flag/ITA K-Team 4:3 Za twigs Template:Flag/NGA
Template:Flag/THA acumen Studio 2:3 CSG_FC Template:Flag/VIE
Template:Flag/SUR Leiding United 5:0 Sporting Liban-Nord Template:Flag/LIB
Template:Flag/BUL FC BARCELONA 3:1 Tehra Template:Flag/IRN
Template:Flag/MEX Bolcheviques F.C. 0:2 Netopia Template:Flag/HKG
Template:Flag/ENG Durham City FC 9:0 Lahore A.C. Template:Flag/PAK
Template:Flag/JPN Shirayuri Sky 0:9 FC Atletika Template:Flag/ALB
Template:Flag/GEO Inter Tbilisi 0:4 Skou United Template:Flag/DEN
Template:Flag/TRI Caribbean Heroes 1:4 FK Sarajevo Template:Flag/BIH
Template:Flag/BLR FC Pomsta Minsk 2:1 The Sheiks Template:Flag/UAE
Template:Flag/ISR F.C Haifa 3:0 San Benito F.C. Template:Flag/PER
Template:Flag/GUA Alberto Garcia 1:3 Mulgrave United FC Template:Flag/OCE
Template:Flag/TUN Espérance sportive de tunis 8:0 S.L Sao Filipe Template:Flag/CPV
Template:Flag/MKD SAKAM SKOPSKO 9:0 Dakar Warriors Template:Flag/SEN
Template:Flag/SIN Grilled Birds 1:2 Zastava Template:Flag/CRO
Template:Flag/ALG real oran 88 1:8 FCM tigers Template:Flag/OCE
Template:Flag/UKR Peace Death 1:9 Mogul FC Template:Flag/HUN
Template:Flag/ISL Dakata FC 4:3 Vanjito Headbangers Template:Flag/CRO
Template:Flag/MKD PELISTER BAIR 0:5 FC Barentin Template:Flag/FRA
Template:Flag/HUN Fehervar FC 6:5 Milsbeek Template:Flag/NED
Template:Flag/FRA Clippers 4:2 Toros Template:Flag/MEX
Template:Flag/THA Dinamo Nakhonping 5:0 WAC Tamanghasset Template:Flag/ALG
Template:Flag/DEN El Torros Gigante 3:1 Deuzeld Sport Template:Flag/BEL
Template:Flag/RUS Eagle's wingers 9:0 Schellenberger Fussballvögel Template:Flag/LIE
Template:Flag/PHI Philippine Nationals FC 4:0 San Pablo F.C. Template:Flag/PAN
Template:Flag/ARM Nairi 1:9 keis Template:Flag/EST
Template:Flag/ISL Trash United 2:4 Ipoh United Template:Flag/MAS
Template:Flag/ROU Z'Inq 10:0 Ahly Sporting Club Template:Flag/EGY
Template:Flag/FRO FC Tórshavn 2:4 Florianer FC Template:Flag/SUI