Hattrick Masters VIII - Round 1

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Round 1 of Hattrick Masters VIII was played on Monday the 24th of March 2008.

Country Home Result Away Country
Template:Flag/ENG Rival Schools 1:7 Deail Palace Eagles Template:Flag/KOR
Template:Flag/ENG Potato Heads 7:3 Modžahedi Template:Flag/LVA
Template:Flag/ITA SQUARTA PRAGA 7:0 Zimbabwe Fc Template:Flag/MOZ
Template:Flag/ARG PALUMBO FC 3:5 KIVA Template:Flag/FIN
Template:Flag/ARG A.C. Branca con Coca 0:2 pirxy Template:Flag/JPN
Template:Flag/USA Barefoot United 3:1 Chelsea Blues FC Template:Flag/CHN
Template:Flag/NOR Ballespark FC 1:2 Nagayama Template:Flag/JPN
Template:Flag/DEN KenveloGlamour 7:2 Electronic Funbags FC Template:Flag/SCO
Template:Flag/FIN Ruxumotors 2:1 Guarilaqueiros Template:Flag/COL
Template:Flag/OCE South Hooligans 2:3 Magnificent eleven Template:Flag/NOR
Template:Flag/BRA Xeq Matt 2:0 TRAGIKOMIX ŽILINA Template:Flag/SVK
Template:Flag/IND Scarlet Devils 2:6 Bainræakjin Template:Flag/FRO
Template:Flag/IRL Chaffinch Town 2:1 basler-Kingsclub67 Template:Flag/SUI
Template:Flag/IRL GB Rovers 11:0 Azad Template:Flag/UAE
Template:Flag/PER C.A. Vizcardo 3:0 Martinlaakson Mutantit Template:Flag/NED
Template:Flag/SCO INCHES ATHLETIC 0:1 PoCo Panthers Template:Flag/CAN
Template:Flag/RSA The Darker Side 3:2 Independiente Zulia F.C. Template:Flag/VEN
Template:Flag/KOR Soju United 6:1 Foyle Athletic Template:Flag/NIR
Template:Flag/THA terranzX 3:4 Kastelin Template:Flag/FRA
Template:Flag/TUR Rushin' Eagles 8:0 Ajax Persia Template:Flag/IRN
Template:Flag/EGY Diners Club 3:1 RCD Template:Flag/MAR
Template:Flag/ROU SmAsHiNg DeViLs 0:5 Royal Bengal Tigers FC Template:Flag/IND
Template:Flag/ISL Oriental Misfits 1:4 Ciclonicos Template:Flag/PAR
Template:Flag/AUT FK Germania Gansbach 2:4 Artest FC Template:Flag/ISR
Template:Flag/AUT USV Hüttschlag 4:1 JSAF Template:Flag/ALG
Template:Flag/BEL Xanderstars 4:1 Sv.Naum Template:Flag/MKD
Template:Flag/MAS ewoodies 4:1 Knights of Cyprus Template:Flag/CYP
Template:Flag/SUI Zwietracht Höngg 2:3 TEUTA MILAN Template:Flag/ALB
Template:Flag/SIN Herron 7:1 Metro Stars Revolution Template:Flag/HON
Template:Flag/SIN Uchiha Clan 0:8 Transhumanists Template:Flag/SVN
Template:Flag/GRE Asoi F.C. 4:0 Shirinli AC Template:Flag/AZE
Template:Flag/CZE FC Stredoplky 2:1 Sispony F.C. Template:Flag/AND
Template:Flag/IDN A.C. MILAN 1899 6:0 Farim Flash Template:Flag/GHA
Template:Flag/PHI San Antonio FC 0:5 kitrosu Targoviste Template:Flag/ROU
Template:Flag/PHI Philippine Nationals FC 1:5 TallaSabaAlused Template:Flag/EST
Template:Flag/SER Azdaje 7:1 Hosfy Template:Flag/EGY
Template:Flag/HKG Liverpool Football Club (1892) 3:4 Monty's Gang Template:Flag/MLT
Template:Flag/WAL Victoria Park FC 1:4 beltxis Template:Flag/VEN
Template:Flag/BUL Big Butchers 1:3 Belair Allstars Template:Flag/LUX
Template:Flag/SVN Thesaurus 3:4 Mighty Beavers FC Template:Flag/TPE
Template:Flag/UKR FC Partizan 1:0 FC Red Dwarf Template:Flag/WAL
Template:Flag/BIH Paceri 1:2 FC Birdie Template:Flag/DEN
Template:Flag/VIE Hai Duong 11:0 FC Livurhøgg Template:Flag/FRO
Template:Flag/VIE CSG_FC 3:2 Alan Moore's Beard Template:Flag/KSA
Template:Flag/KSA Arab Union 0:5 Palomas Turbo Template:Flag/MEX
Template:Flag/CRC Atlético Saprissa 0:4 stushoot Template:Flag/CHN
Template:Flag/CRC -Alberto- 1:2 Vanjito Headbangers Template:Flag/CRO
Template:Flag/IRN Brescia IFC 2:1 FCpasoa Template:Flag/BEL
Template:Flag/DOM Bebe Romo 1:6 Zlatics Template:Flag/SER
Template:Flag/DOM Dominicana's Finest 2:3 Hasel FC Template:Flag/TRI
Template:Flag/CYP Magkes 4:0 Gratamira Gunners Template:Flag/PAN
Template:Flag/BLR FC Rebel Stars 6:1 36 FC Template:Flag/HKG
Template:Flag/JAM kingston lokomotiv 7:2 Diablos Purpura Template:Flag/NCA
Template:Flag/KEN Nairobi CF 4:1 NelsonstarS Template:Flag/ECU
Template:Flag/KEN Nyeri Lions 0:5 Chardinos Template:Flag/ESP
Template:Flag/PAN Cooł Hëąďš Hoť Hëąŗŧš 4:5 FC Granit Template:Flag/UKR
Template:Flag/HON katrachos 0:8 pe_ñarol Template:Flag/URU
Template:Flag/MLT Mellieha F.C. 4:3 City of Kings Football Club Template:Flag/CAN
Template:Flag/KGZ KG Fiorentina 7:0 Real Mariste FC Template:Flag/SEN
Template:Flag/GEO Tbilisi United 4:5 FC Uralsk Template:Flag/KAZ
Template:Flag/NCA Formula 1 0:5 FC Parovoz Template:Flag/MDA
Template:Flag/SUR SURIBOY'S 3:2 Malvinaurinegro Template:Flag/URU
Template:Flag/LIE YW N!ghtmare 3:0 FC Zvezda Irkutsk Template:Flag/RUS
Template:Flag/ALG Giacomo Casanova 2:5 TSV Kalkspur Oedheim Template:Flag/GER
Template:Flag/MGL nomadic 4:2 Chapinero United Template:Flag/COL
Template:Flag/SEN The blacksmith 1:5 Praia F C Template:Flag/CPV
Template:Flag/BHR Nirdeth bahrain 0:8 AC LUANDA Template:Flag/ANG
Template:Flag/BHR Al_Sharia FC 2:3 FC Vohmak Template:Flag/ARM
Template:Flag/BRB Bridgetown Stars 0:1 Dekdong Utd Template:Flag/THA
Template:Flag/CIV summon skill 0:5 Podkosljun Template:Flag/MON
Template:Flag/KUW .NET Stars 6:0 zo3raan Template:Flag/JOR
Template:Flag/KUW As-Salmiyah 2:6 FK "Ateitis" Template:Flag/LTU
Template:Flag/IRQ Iraqi 10:0 siete 44 Template:Flag/GUA
Template:Flag/IRQ King Akre 0:5 Orda Template:Flag/KGZ
Template:Flag/AZE FC Azeri 5:0 Nice Bid For you ~ Template:Flag/OMA
Template:Flag/ANG AC AS 2:4 shuangshou Template:Flag/TPE
Template:Flag/YEM V_I_P 0:7 Sfax AC Template:Flag/TUN
Template:Flag/OMA Muechande 1:2 BeoPower Template:Flag/LTU
Template:Flag/BRU Bobzbie FC 1:9 FightClub Football Club Template:Flag/LUX
Template:Flag/CAM DLM Cambodia 2:4 FK Autogol Template:Flag/MON