Hattrick Masters XI - Round 1

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Round 1 of Hattrick Masters XI was played on Monday the 23rd of March 2009.

Country Home Result Away Country
Template:Flag/SCO INCHES ATHLETIC 5:2 Cegga FC Template:Flag/HUN
Template:Flag/FIN FC Herttakurko 7:2 zabavaci Template:Flag/SVK
Template:Flag/COL WANDER´S F.C. 7:0 Dlight's Eleven Template:Flag/QAT
Template:Flag/FIN FC Arnold Schwarzenegger 4:3 Deail Palace Eagles Template:Flag/KOR
Template:Flag/FRA Real Pnar 4:1 The Darker Side Template:Flag/RSA
Template:Flag/UAE Kojak United 6:0 Preatooni Template:Flag/EST
Template:Flag/POR Moutidos 3:1 Durlan United Template:Flag/SER
Template:Flag/LIB FPM 8:0 Constantine F.C. Template:Flag/JOR
Template:Flag/HKG Liverpool Football Club (1892) 6:0 Racing El salvador Template:Flag/SLV
Template:Flag/RUS BAG 10:0 Kampala Imperator Template:Flag/UGA
Template:Flag/ARM FC Bananc 2:0 Alentejo Template:Flag/POR
Template:Flag/MLT d00m3rs 1:3 TrInAcRia 1974 Template:Flag/ITA
Template:Flag/CPV Desportivo Ribeira Brava 6:1 Dominicana's Finest Template:Flag/DOM
Template:Flag/OCE Nobbys 2:3 Klub 24 Template:Flag/SVN
Template:Flag/NOR Trondheim Thunder 0:3 Rapid Leffe Template:Flag/DEN
Template:Flag/NED Fc snottebel 5:2 Dyrrhachium Gladiators Template:Flag/ALB
Template:Flag/HON Cruz de Malta FC 5:2 KumdaOyna Template:Flag/TUR
Template:Flag/GEO Egrisi 6:0 Ciclonicos Template:Flag/PAR
Template:Flag/SUI Spreitebacher Buzztardos 2:1 Nookat Template:Flag/KGZ
Template:Flag/ISR bayren 6:0 Ricura F.C. Template:Flag/PAN
Template:Flag/KOR sook 5:0 FC Uralsk Template:Flag/KAZ
Template:Flag/SUR Sin City Scorpio's 0:5 AC Ziky team Template:Flag/CZE
Template:Flag/MON osk IGALO 5:4 United Warrior Team Template:Flag/SIN
Template:Flag/KUW .NET Stars 0:8 Hackers United Template:Flag/ENG
Template:Flag/BUL Favorit 3:1 Arrogancae Template:Flag/SIN
Template:Flag/POL Swietliki Czarnobyl 6:0 stushoot Template:Flag/CHN
Template:Flag/ENG Holy Rollers 4:2 Deanrock Rovers Template:Flag/IRL
Template:Flag/PHI FC Baguio Kaisers 4:1 Kouris deeps Template:Flag/CYP
Template:Flag/UKR FC_Kamenec 3:0 terranzX Template:Flag/THA
Template:Flag/IRL Les rois du coupé décalé 0:5 Dunadan Rangers Template:Flag/IDN
Template:Flag/ANG Inter de Menongue 1:7 Mohelnice Template:Flag/CZE
Template:Flag/OCE Olhausen United 3:4 Pythons Template:Flag/USA
Template:Flag/ARM Ajax Yerevan FC 0:4 rivendell Template:Flag/ESP
Template:Flag/YEM The Young Red Team 0:8 Alderwood Chiefs Template:Flag/CAN
Template:Flag/JOR Emado Ghosts 0:4 beltxis Template:Flag/VEN
Template:Flag/LTU FK Kugelis 0:3 Roli Red Bulls Template:Flag/MLT
Template:Flag/BRU Hattrick Royalty 2:3 Valencia Firebats Template:Flag/ESP
Template:Flag/ITA SQUARTA PRAGA 0:7 Bisevo Template:Flag/MON
Template:Flag/SVN NK batman 4:5 Palomas Turbo Template:Flag/MEX
Template:Flag/BAN Asian All Stars FC 2:6 FC Mahala Template:Flag/BIH
Template:Flag/BEL Hoewach Utd. 4:1 Nairobi CF Template:Flag/KEN
Template:Flag/YEM Al-Wahda San'a HFC 1:5 Tanzanite Template:Flag/TAN
Template:Flag/SVK vox pistoleros 3:0 Internazionale Chisinau Template:Flag/MDA
Template:Flag/MEX Miloc United 0:3 pirxy Template:Flag/JPN
Template:Flag/PAR Porteño Hill 5:0 Lokomotive Cotonou Template:Flag/BEN
Template:Flag/PER Inter Crackers 2:1 Leonin9 FC Template:Flag/MAS
Template:Flag/BRU Bobzbie FC 0:6 CV United Template:Flag/CPV
Template:Flag/OMA Muechande 3:4 Bling United Template:Flag/WAL
Template:Flag/CAN Metrotown 8:0 Tainos FC Template:Flag/DOM
Template:Flag/NGA Ago Iwoye 5:3 Scarlet Devils Template:Flag/IND
Template:Flag/LUX FightClub Football Club 4:0 Tarabeesh Sawa Template:Flag/LIB
Template:Flag/NED PSVzuipsite.nl 3:5 Zwietracht Höngg Template:Flag/SUI
Template:Flag/CYP Green Leaf F.C. 0:4 Metallicamen Template:Flag/NIR
Template:Flag/LVA Sūnu ciema zēni 6:1 CS Dock Sud Template:Flag/URU
Template:Flag/SCO TOMS HIBEES 5:6 Racing Olimpia Template:Flag/HON
Template:Flag/TRI Hasel FC 5:3 El-Ahly Template:Flag/EGY
Template:Flag/MAR Real Nador 2:1 Coco-drile Template:Flag/UGA
Template:Flag/ISL Slood 1:8 Mikhails Avengers Template:Flag/NOR
Template:Flag/CHN Athos7 FC 1:5 kfc Patatje Template:Flag/BEL
Template:Flag/AUT FC Michelndorf 2:3 GrønneStjerner Template:Flag/DEN
Template:Flag/BOL Wilstermann 4:2 KF Rottenton Template:Flag/ISL
Template:Flag/LTU Šeškai 3:1 bacanes f.c Template:Flag/CHI
Template:Flag/AND Sispony F.C. 4:0 FC Jahnoon Template:Flag/ISR
Template:Flag/MDA Vieru 3:1 FC Kaauuli Template:Flag/USA
Template:Flag/BIH Topnici Mostar 2:0 TerranPower FC Template:Flag/PER
Template:Flag/GHA Farim Flash 1:6 Iraqi Template:Flag/IRQ
Template:Flag/SYR GarCol Racing Club 0:9 Bakpau Template:Flag/IDN
Template:Flag/ARG CA Palermo 6:1 Rushin' Eagles Template:Flag/TUR