Hattrick Masters XI - Round 3

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Round 3 of Hattrick Masters XI was played on Monday the 2nd of March 2009.

Country Home Result Away Country
Template:Flag/MOZ Zimbabwe Fc 1:4 AC Ziky team Template:Flag/CZE
Template:Flag/FRO Bainræakjin 5:1 Miholjac Rakete Template:Flag/CRO
Template:Flag/ALG Atlético Mexx 2:3 Spreitebacher Buzztardos Template:Flag/SUI
Template:Flag/POL Swietliki Czarnobyl 3:0 pirxy Template:Flag/JPN
Template:Flag/VEN beltxis 3:1 FightClub Football Club Template:Flag/LUX
Template:Flag/ARG CA Palermo 6:1 WANDER´S F.C. Template:Flag/COL
Template:Flag/HON Racing Olimpia 1:2 Vieru Template:Flag/MDA
Template:Flag/NOR Mikhails Avengers 6:1 Bisevo Template:Flag/MON
Template:Flag/NIR Metallicamen 4:2 Rapid Leffe Template:Flag/DEN
Template:Flag/ALB TEUTA MILAN 1:3 Boca JBA Template:Flag/GER
Template:Flag/HKG Liverpool Football Club (1892) 3:2 pharma74 f.c. Template:Flag/GRE
Template:Flag/CRC -Alberto- 0:2 Hackers United Template:Flag/ENG
Template:Flag/WAL FC Red Dwarf 2:3 Die Lauten Fidelanten Template:Flag/AUT
Template:Flag/GEO Makhatauri 2:4 FC Bananc Template:Flag/ARM
Template:Flag/GER Guichinga 6:1 Favorit Template:Flag/BUL
Template:Flag/EGY immortal83 0:2 Kojak United Template:Flag/UAE
Template:Flag/BRB Bridgetown Stars 3:2 Valencia Firebats Template:Flag/ESP
Template:Flag/TRI Hasel FC 3:0 rivendell Template:Flag/ESP
Template:Flag/ITA TrInAcRia 1974 4:2 Alderwood Chiefs Template:Flag/CAN
Template:Flag/LTU Šeškai 3:5 kfc Patatje Template:Flag/BEL
Template:Flag/IRN Persepolis IFC 6:0 Real Nador Template:Flag/MAR
Template:Flag/RUS CSKA (M) 4:2 Sūnu ciema zēni Template:Flag/LVA
Template:Flag/FIN FC Arnold Schwarzenegger 3:1 Zwietracht Höngg Template:Flag/SUI
Template:Flag/IDN Dunadan Rangers 3:4 Giacomo Casanova Template:Flag/ALG
Template:Flag/URU dalebolso 3:5 FC Herttakurko Template:Flag/FIN
Template:Flag/BIH FC Mahala 0:1 Innat FC Template:Flag/SWE
Template:Flag/SVK vox pistoleros 4:1 G.R.E.T. Template:Flag/BRA
Template:Flag/MAR Moroccan United 0:2 El Dragón de Nuñez Template:Flag/ARG
Template:Flag/LVA Utopian City F.C. 2:0 Bakpau Template:Flag/IDN
Template:Flag/BRA FlaBahia 0:5 UC 24 Template:Flag/CHI
Template:Flag/ISR bayren 5:3 Fc snottebel Template:Flag/NED
Template:Flag/NGA Ago Iwoye 6:4 nomadic Template:Flag/MGL