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The Hattrick Press a section of Hattrick.org where you can read articles related to Hattrick written by other managers and also write articles of your own.

In Hattrick Press you can read Hattrick related articles, as well as submit your own fabulous ones! You can choose to write about more or less anything in the Hattrick world; strategies, tactics, top series reports, community happenings and trends or something completely different – it's up to you! Our only rule is that your article is of common interest and related to Hattrick in some way. Our house rules also apply of course, as always.

We look forward to read a lot of interesting and entertaining articles.


Hattrick Press was formally welcomed to Hattrick on October 3, 2008.


Your article has to contain Hattrick-related news, preferably also related to your own league (if you aren't posting in Global), and should be of public interest.

Write your article in the common language(s) for your league. If you are writing an article for Global, it needs to be in English.

Keep in mind to follow the Hattrick rules when writing your article, as the Hattrick rules apply here too.


Once an article is submitted, Editors from your country review it...


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