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* Manager of the week
* Manager of the week
* Results of every match
* Results of every match
* Soccerquiz
* Picture and its story
* And many more
* And many more

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Hattrick Support Federatie.

HSF-Toshiba is the founder of Hattrick Support Federatie. Fed. ID : 7295


The HSF is an alliance which gives beginning managers the chance to become better by asking and reading. Experienced managers get the opportunity to share their knowledge and also get better. This happens in a very nice ambiance, where everyone can feel him- or herself comfortable. The Hattrick Support Federatie is one of the 50 biggest federations of The Netherlands.

Activities in the HSF

  • toto
  • youth-pull competition
  • HSF-Cup
  • Manager of the week
  • Results of every match
  • Soccerquiz
  • Picture and its story
  • And many more


There are several jobs in the HSF :

  • HSF-Top (6) there are 6 managers who leads the federation
  • Toto organisator (vacancy) The person who organizes the toto.
  • HSF-Cup organisator (1) The person who organizes the HSF-Cup
  • Pullorganisator. (1) The person who organizes the YP-competition
  • Hertog (Ere HSF-er) (3) These persons are very important for the HSF. These persons stand in the spotlight.
  • verliesjeteam-mentor (1) This person can tell you everything about losing your team
  • HSF-Supporter (9) The persons who carries a warm heart to the HSF
  • HSF-er (75) Everyone who joins the HSF, will become a HSF-er.


At the HSF we give you the opportunity to get a mentor. A mentor will help you with your team. This person will discuss with you about any problem you have. If you have problems with your economy, tactics, training or with the transfers, your mentor will help you. You can create a topic for your own on the forum, but it is also possible that you discuss with eachother by MSN.

You choose your own mentor. We don't assign you a mentor. A mentor is very personal. You can also have several mentors if you like. We believe that this make us better managers. The teacher teaches his/her pupil, but the pupil teaches the teacher.

Who can join the HSF?

Everybody can join the HSF. The common languages are Dutch and Flemish. When you speak English you are also welcome to the HSF.