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The Hattrick Menu in its current shape has been released on the 9th of December 2008, thus ending the reign of the old design lasting eight years. The current Hattrick Menu is therefore a part of the site's complete redesign. The redesign was only possible with the dotnetification of the site allowing much more flexibility.

The top menu with the simple skin, Alltid included

The menu is split in a top menu and various submenues. With both skins made available with the new design, the top menu includes a maximum of seven items and a minimum of six. The seven items are linking to the following sections:

Additionally, there is a button on the right corner to allow logout.

The menu entry linking to Alltid Hattrick is only available for users who bought the Alltid Hattrick supporter package prior to the announcement that Alltid was being implemented into Hattrick. The menu will be available to everyone once the implementation has been completed.

According to the editorial issued on the 9th of December: "The backbone in this new structure is the top menu, which is divided into six categories where each top category opens up a left menu with options. Under My Hattrick you find everything related to yourself and the community, under My Club you find everything related to your club and World will show you the national and international world around you and your club. Our Forum and our Shop are categories of their own, and finally you have Help where you can find the help you may need from time to time."

Once clicked, each main menu entry then splits up into various submenues.

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