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This contest was kicked of to get this great project a new logo.

For this a call for suggestions was posted in several conferences within Hattrick as well as external forums.

A nice idea is to hattrickify the logo of Wikipedia, but any other idea is welcome. The logo should ideally visualize the great knowledge which is stored in hattrick wiki.

Suggestions by different artists will be posted here along with their Hattrick user name and in the conference of the Hattrick Wiki Federation (wiki) (allianceid: 33894).

Artist: SirHawkeye, words and writing-design will be changed if logo is selected, L4U forum
Artist: Brausebirne, L4U forum
Artist: Joager, received by ht-mail
Artist: MOD-RoLitoral, posted in global
Artist: Superow, posted in Hattrick Wiki Federation conference
File:Hattrickwikilogo suggestion1 Attreides.PNG
Artist: Attreides, published on Wiki