Hattrikowy Fanklub Radia Maryja

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Hattrikowy Fanklub Radia Maryja (34246)
Chief Officer Yossarian83
Founding date 05-12-2005
Members 10 (on 22-03-06)
Languages Polski

Hattrikowy Fanklub Radia Maryja (eng. Hattrick Fanclub of Radio Maryja) - is a federation for polish users, who want to laugh at "catholic", polish radio station - Radio Maryja and it's chief, father Tadeusz Rydzyk.

Motto of federation is: "Ojciec Tadeusz Rydzyk. Drugi po Bogu, pierwszy na Ziemi." (eng. "Father Tadeusz Rydzyk. Second after God, first on Earth")

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