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Spec1Technic.png Technical
Spec2Quick.png Quick
Spec3Power.png Powerful
Spec5Head.png Head
Spec4Unpred.png Unpredictable
Spec6Regainer.png Resilient
Spec7support.png Support

Players with the head specialty can feature in special events during a match.

Head is generally regarded as one of the best specialities in the game.

Goal Events

Corner to Head specialist
The higher the number of head specialists in your team, and the lower the number of head specialists among your opponent's, the better your chances to score from a corner.
Winger to Head Player
Header Wingers, Inner Midfielders and Forwards are capable of scoring directly with a header from a cross if your winger manages to break through the defense on his side of the pitch.
Technical Goes around a Head (negative)
Players with the specialty that have somewhat inferior footwork skills, can be taken advantage of by a technical opponent, thus giving them a chance to score.
Technical Forwards are dangerous for Head Midfielders,
Technical winger may create an event when facing a head Defender,
Head Defenders are weak against Technical Forwards.
However, this event is comparatively rare.

Furthermore, the header is totally immune to atmospheric events.