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==The wiki markup==
[[http://brvarcoe.angelfire.com/styles/olivetti-jetlab.htm olivetti jetlab]] [[http://zigz-kom.isuisse.com/elan-vital/ elan vital]] [[http://stdamin.angelfire.com/resources/gsm-cf.htm gsm cf]] [[http://re-nrevival.isuisse.com/view/disattivare-servizio.htm disattivare servizio hit settimana]] [[http://songsoutofkey.isuisse.com/view/guerra-di.htm guerra di troia]] [[http://todomy.ibelgique.com/directory/non-tengo/ non tengo dinero tu tiene dinero]] [[http://marebeck.angelfire.com/new/ingerie/ ingerie]] [[http://ohsoemo22a.ibelgique.com/library/volvo-s.htm volvo s80 km 0]] [[http://the-ile.iespana.es/mini-cooper/ mini cooper costo]] [[http://vanisky-love.iespana.es/resources/come-raggiungere/ come raggiungere alassio]] [[http://masteriii.isuisse.com/concorsi-giudice.htm concorsi giudice pace]] [[http://song-love.iespana.es/content/diritto-ed/ diritto ed economia aziendale]] [[http://gagamgirl.ibelgique.com/view/luca-baldini/ luca baldini]] 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You can read about how to edit pages and the tags in out [[Help:Editing]] page.
You can read about how to edit pages and the tags in out [[Help:Editing]] page.

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Editing a Wiki page is very easy. Simply click on the "Edit this page" tab at the top (or the edit link on the right or bottom) of a Wiki page. This will bring you to a page with a text box containing the editable text of that page. If you want to experiment, please do so in our sandbox, not here. You could open the sandbox in a separate window or tab to be able to see both this text and your tests in the sandbox.

Starting a new Wiki article is also easy. Simply type into your address page http://wiki.hattrick.org/(whatever your topic is) and then follow the same instructions as for editing.

Type away, write a short edit summary on the small field below the edit-box. You may use shorthand to describe your changes, as described in the legend, and when you've finished, press preview to see how your changes will look. Then press "Save". Depending on your system, pressing "Enter" while the edit box is not active (when there is no typing cursor in it) may have the same effect as pressing the "Save" button. Also, please do not vandalise the information on Hattrick.

You can also click on the "Discussion" tab (or the "Discuss this page" link) to see the corresponding talk page, which contains comments about the page from other Hattrick users. Click on the "+" tab (or "Edit this page") to add a comment.

You can read the list of all the help pages here.

[olivetti jetlab] [elan vital] [gsm cf] [disattivare servizio hit settimana] [guerra di troia] [non tengo dinero tu tiene dinero] [ingerie] [volvo s80 km 0] [mini cooper costo] [come raggiungere alassio] [concorsi giudice pace] [diritto ed economia aziendale] [luca baldini] [www compaq com] [commerce web site] [calendario e immagini di rossella bresci] [decoder digitale satellite terrestri] [cheb amro] [motoriricerca] [pagine piu cercate in internet] [dio salvi la regina] [ivana and delfina] [coppie in cam] [masturbation gallery] [il promontorio della paura] [black eyes peace] [toner lexmark e321 12a7400] [adidas chile] [joe dassin salut] [autocad libri 2005] [cd dieci stratagemmi] [monitor 19 pollici dvi] [e tempo di the grudge] [montefalcone nel sannio cb] [hogan] [kiens] [straordinariamente] [jawel diamond] [fullx] [soft cell live in milan] [dance bambolina] [invio fax] [la bend dei nomadi] [membro] [una romantica avventura] [peruanitas com] [nec vt670] [garage] [carrozzine peg perego] [sepultura] [philips 46 plasma] [accessori barca] [she will eb loved] [protagonisti] [path of neo] [midasplayer] [dax riders] [era bello] [www ard it] [tastiera blue tooth] [thy majestie clip] [frigoriferi armadio] [escalaplano] [the cruise people] [supporto auto mio 168] [no poto] [merlin superman] [left outside alone da scaricare] [sims 2 playstation 2] [gioci per cellulare] [humax terrestre] [www download com] [sony sublimazione] [boh hause] [vendita notebook online] [close combat first to fight] [elodie frege michal] [oltre il ricatto] [tricarico] [roma miami biglietti aerei] [www frasidamore net] [opel astra] [diesel donna vita bassa] [lausitzer gebirge] [collana fai te] [cd cover u2] [tiffany teen nude] [borgonovo libri] [camera di commercio napoli] [teac dvd r] [la smorfia] [val] [la cruna dellago] [sa sa] [doblo jtd sx] [otta] [dimagrire] [orario treni] [testo canzone breathe easy] [orologi bracciale d g] ==The wiki markup== You can read about how to edit pages and the tags in out Help:Editing page.

Note: The more up to date version of the MediaWiki User's Guide (editing overview) can be found here.

Creating Articles about Your Own Team

Template:Proposed Every user within the Wiki-environment has a personal webpage (just click on a user's name, for example yours). So this seems to be the perfect place for people to put the info about their own clubs, teams, players.

An example for my user name:

User:Cryout -- this is my user page
User:Cryout/Team -- this is for my team details
User:Cryout/Players -- this is for my players
User:Cryout/Martin Mateev -- my favourite player

New articles under anyone's user name are created with this wiki-code: [[User: USERNAME / NEWPAGE]], where USERNAME is a user name and NEWPAGE is the name of what you want to add information about. These two are separated by a slash (/). You can see how easy it is to keep unessential information in a private namespace.

Then again, if your player, for example, is indeed great and significant in Hattrick, then he deserves a normal and serious article. Here is an example: Bob Sunesson.

Hopefully, this can provide a good level of organisation and a way to keep the HT-encyclopedia somewhat clean of information that is not essential to the community. If you want to comment on this guideline, please leave a message here.

Note: The above policy is still under discussion.

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