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Wiki Editing

Wikis are easy to edit, giving the user a wide array of options without having to learn any programming or markup languages.

Editing Resources

  1. Use the Hattrick wiki sandbox to try out your editing skills.
  2. Start with Getting started to know more about editing in Hattrick wiki.
  3. You can see more generic details in Help:Contents.
  4. Detailed help for Editors can be found on the Wikimedia site: Wikimedia for Editors.

Short examples

The best example is to click EDIT at the top of any page to see the source of the content to see how things are done.

Some basic examples to get you going (click EDIT to see the source of how this is done):

  • To create a list (like this one) just start every line with an asterisk: *
  • To create a numbered list, start each line with a hash: #
  • Italic text is created by enclosing your text with two apostrophes: ''Italic text''.
  • Bold text is created by enclosing your text with three apostrophes: '''Bold text'''.
  • To create a link to something inside the Wiki, just enclose the page name in 2 sets of square brackets My Hattrick: [[My Hattrick]]
  • To create a link to something outside the Wiki, enclose the URL 1 set of square brackets: Hattrick
  • To write titles, sections... put 2 or more equals signs at the start and the end of the line: ==Short Examples==.

The wiki markup

In the left column of the table below, you can see what effects are possible. In the right column, you can see how those effects were achieved. In other words, to make text look like it looks in the left column, type it in the format you see in the right column.

You may want to keep this page open in a separate browser window for reference. If you want to try out things without danger of doing any harm, you can do so in the Sandbox.

Note: The more up to date version of the MediaWiki User's Guide (editing overview) can be found here.

Sections, paragraphs, lists and lines

This section has been moved to Help:Editing (sections, paragraphs, lists and lines).

Links and URLs

This section has been moved to Help:Editing (links and URLs).


What it looks like What you type
A picture: Wiki.png

or, with alternative text: jigsaw globe

or, floating to the right side of the page and with a caption:

Wikipedia Encyclopedia

or, floating to the right side of the page without a caption:

Wikipedia Encyclopedia

A picture: [[Image:Wiki.png]]

or, with alternative text:
[[Image:Wiki.png|jigsaw globe]]

or, floating to the right side of the page and with a caption:
[[Image:Wiki.png|frame|Wikipedia Encyclopedia]]

or, floating to the right side of the page ''without'' a caption:
[[Image:Wiki.png|right|Wikipedia Encyclopedia]]

Clicking on an uploaded image displays a description page, which you can also link directly to: Image:Wiki.png


To include links to images shown as links instead of drawn on the page, use a "media" link.

Image of a Tornado

[[media:Tornado.jpg|Image of a Tornado]]

[dvd 110] [frozenbubble] [consulenza marketing] [sapphire radeon 9250 256] [empyre] [cuffie senza filo 5 1] [www atop it] [i desideri erotici di christine] [joksimovic] [garni a la villa bz] [mp3 d reggae] [marsupi e zaini] [coniugi scambisti] [deep purple in rock] [el general] [gabetti commerciale] [olivetti copia 9017] [chicken park] [voli milano roma] [centrifuga asciugabiancheria] [parco di san rossore pisa] [display rosso] [lexmark x2250] [selettore video] [gioco sessuale] [disco radio] [canzoni genovesi basi midi] [treni per concerto 1 maggio] [casey nuda] [emigrazione veneta in brasile] [tera patick] [markus ruhl] [are you gonna my girl] [emulator] [occhiali nuoto] [tede wiem wiem] [playboy playmate] [moto honda hornet 600] [vetro piano e specchi] [brasiliane troie] [adult movie] [incanto saeco rondo] [viewer4d] [i figli di pitagora] [disabilita] [romeo antonio] [puta com] [hard disk 300 gb] [software for nec e313] [ludwig boltzmann] [rete giardino] [juego de diablo 2] [franco tozzi] [champfleury] [furia infernale] [pantalone uomo] [www pampers] [shepard] [nokia 6100] [volo massa] [partenza a freddo per gran turismo 4] [calogero yalla] [oro bracciali turchese] [actionman] [hp 20] [metal control snc] [steven segal dvd] [musica gotica] [once again upa] [gdarius] [cerco lavoro edilizia] [benny benasi satisfaction] [sky sweetnam] [lacie hard disk desktop 250gb] [diffusori sony home theatre] [ganci dorsali] [canzone emon] [lagnasco] [lanciani] [camere e corridoi] [going] [in grid mais la nuit] [idee vacanze relax] [viaggio articoli] [la wally] [giocattoli anni 80] [alfa gtv turbo] [hotel dakar] [felpa eroi] [problemi winmx] [ya no me quiero enamorar] [max ophelia] [cover eminem encore] [coppia golosa] [la sportiva nuptse] [return to pooh corner] [http www sexzool com] [inline poe power] [la copa de la vida] [un mondo di favole] === Character formatting ===

What it looks like What you type

Emphasize, strongly, very strongly.

  • These are double and triple apostrophes (single-quote marks), not double-quote marks.
''Emphasize'', '''strongly''', '''''very strongly'''''.

<math>\sin x \ln y</math>
sinx lny

<math>\mathbf{x} = 0</math>
x = 0

Ordinary text should use wiki markup for emphasis, and should not use


Placement of the Table of Contents (TOC)

At the current status of the wiki markup language, having at least four headers on a page triggers the TOC to appear in front of the first header (or after introductory sections). Putting __TOC__ anywhere forces the TOC to appear at that point (instead of just before the first header). Putting __NOTOC__ anywhere forces the TOC to disappear. See also compact TOC for alphabet and year headings.

Keeping headings out of the Table of Contents

If you want some subheadings to not appear in the Table of Contents, then make the following replacements.

Replace == Header 2 == with <h2> Header 2 </h2>

Replace === Header 3 === with <h3> Header 3 </h3>

And so forth.

For example, notice that the following header has the same font as the other subheaders to this "Tables" section, but the following header does not appear in the Table of Contents for this page.

This header has the h4 font, but is NOT in the Table of Contents

This effect is obtained by the following line of code.

<h4> This header has the h4 font, but is NOT in the Table of Contents </h4>


(See also m:Help:Variable)

Code Effect
{{PAGENAME}} Editing
{{localurl:pagename}} /wiki/Pagename
{{localurl:Wikipedia:Sandbox|action=edit}} /index.php?title=Wikipedia:Sandbox&action=edit
{{ns:1}} Talk
{{ns:2}} User
{{ns:3}} User talk
{{ns:4}} Hattrick
{{ns:5}} Hattrick talk
{{ns:6}} File
{{ns:7}} File talk
{{ns:8}} MediaWiki
{{ns:9}} MediaWiki talk
{{ns:10}} Template
{{ns:11}} Template talk
{{ns:12}} Help
{{ns:13}} Help talk
{{ns:14}} Category
{{ns:15}} Category talk
{{SITENAME}} Hattrick

NUMBEROFARTICLES is the number of pages in the main namespace which contain a link and are not a redirect, i.e. number of articles, stubs containing a link, and disambiguation pages.


The MediaWiki software used by Hattrick wiki has limited support for template inclusion. This means standardized text chunks (such as boilerplate text) can be inserted into articles. For example, typing {{stub}} will appear as "This article is a stub. You can help Hattrick by expanding it." when the page is saved. See Hattrick:Template messages for the complete list. Other commonly used ones are: {{disambig}} for disambiguation pages, {{spoiler}} for spoiler warnings and {{sectstub}} like an article stub but for a section. The are many subject-specific stubs e.g.: {{stub-country}} and {{stub-region}}. For a complete list of stubs see Hattrick:Template messages/Stubs.

Hiding the edit links

Insert __NOEDITSECTION__ into the document to suppress the edit links that appear next to every section header.