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*[http://www.vhattrick.com Virtual Hattrick Organizer]
*[http://www.vhattrick.com Virtual Hattrick Organizer]
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/x-ray/ X-Ray] Freeware/Trial (recurrent)
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/x-ray/ X-Ray] Freeware/Trial (recurrent)
*[http://adpromo.htfc.org/ Ad Promotor] Auto format [[HT-ML]] for player skills
==Match Viewers==
==Match Viewers==

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CHPP Approved Applications

These applications are designed to help manage some aspects of your team, from choosing your match lineup to helping you with your training plans. Helper applications can be especially handy when you are new to Hattrick, though even the best managers can find a use for them, such as getting long term statistics about your team.

More pages about helper applications can be found here.

All applications are free (as in beer), unless stated otherwise (that includes Open Source / free as in speech applications).

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Standalone applications

Browser plugins

  • Blue Hattrick Redesign CSS file for Opera, Firefox and other modern browsers
  • Chat&Kick Chatting on Hattrick
  • CupInspector Compare cup to league lineup for double positioned players
  • Firehat Firefox extension for Hattrick
  • FoXRay Firefox and Mozilla extension for Hattrick - Freeware/Trial (recurrent)
  • FoxTrick Firefox and Mozilla extension for Hattrick
  • hattriX-Ray Internet Explorer Right-Click-Menu Extension - Freeware/Trial (recurrent)
  • HTMonkey Userscript for GreaseMonkey (firefox/mozilla extension). Adds shortcuts to friends' teams.
  • HTPE Internet Explorer Right-Click-Menu Extension
  • HTRatings Translator Firefox and Mozilla extension for viewing old and new match ratings combined
  • LiveFox Firefox extension for Hattrick live matches
  • Magic Youthpull A very special youthpull experience
  • PsicoTSI Firefox and Mozilla extension for determining skill decimals - Shareware
  • SkillRaise Tool Firefox extension for estimating skill level
  • vHattrick Skill Trading extension from vHattrick

Other Plugins

Web Sites

Web Sites - Guides and News Magazines

Web Sites - Statistics

Web Sites - Tools

Match Viewers

Football.png This article is a stub. You can help Hattrick Wiki by expanding it.