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= [[CHPP]] Approved Applications =
These applications are designed to help manage some aspects of your team, from choosing your match lineup to helping you with your training plans. Helper applications can be especially handy when you are new to Hattrick, though even the best managers can find a use for them, such as getting long term statistics about your team.
More pages about helper applications can be found [[:Category:Helper Applications|here]].
==Standalone applications==
*[http://www.fabonehattrick.com/ FaboneHattrick] Freeware
*[http://www.hattrickitalia.org/gham/ GHAM - GPL Hattrick Manager] Open source, Multiplatform, based on Java
*[http://www.lokesoftware.dk/ham/ HAM - Hattrick Assistant Manager] Shareware/Trial
*[http://www.hattrickbuddy.de/ Hattrick Buddy] Shareware/Trial
*[http://www.h-c-p.net/ HCP - Hattrick Coach Professional] Freeware
*[http://www.hattrickcontrol.f2o.org/ HC - Hattrick Control] Freeware
*[http://www.hattrickforever.com/ HTF - Hattrick Forever] Freeware
*[[Hattrick Manager]], Shareware/Trial, [http://www.hattrickmanager.org/ Web Site]
*[http://www.hattrickok.tk/ Hattrick OK] Freeware
*[[Hattrick Organizer|HO - Hattrick Organizer]], Freeware, Multiplatform, based on Java, [http://www.hattrickorganizer.de/ Web Site]
*[http://www.htratings.com/ HT Ratings] Freeware
*[http://www.httools.org/ HT Tools] Freeware
*[http://www.macattrick.com/ Macattrick] Mac OS X, Open Source
==Browser plugins==
*[http://foxtrick.px.cz/ Foxtrick] - Firefox and Mozilla extension for Hattrick - Freeware
*[http://www.psicotsi.com/ PsicoTSI] - Firefox and Mozilla extension for determining skill decimals - Freeware
*[http://www.hattrick.cl/htratings/index_en.html HTRatings Translator] - Firefox and Mozilla extension for viewing old and new match ratings combined - Freeware
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/x-ray/index.asp?starter=download FoXRay] - Firefox and Mozilla extension for Hattrick - Freeware/Trial (recurrent)
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/x-ray/index.asp?starter=download hattriX-Ray] - Internet Explorer Right-Click-Menu Extension - Freeware/Trial (recurrent)
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/htpe/ HTPE] - Internet Explorer Right-Click-Menu Extension - Freeware
*[http://www.xplosivant.be/ht/index.htm Blue Hattrick Redesign] Freeware
==Web Sites==
===Web Sites - Guides and News Magazines===
*[http://www.barthon.com Analysis of Training Value] A training guide
*[http://www.htsuomi.net HT-Suomi ] Finnish Only
*[http://www.IntroHT.com IntroHT - The newbie's guide]
*[http://ht-faq.ione.se HT-FAQ] HT-FAQ is a databased driven site consisting of Q&A:s collected by admins. Guests can also interact by asking question and getting them answered by a panel of "experts".
*[http://www.ione.se Ione.se] Here you'll find articles, interviews, help and columns connected to the game. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced user this is the place to be!
*[http://www.ht-star.de HT-Star] German newspaper
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/x-files/ hattriX-files]
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/rss/ HT Newsfeeds]
*[http://www.htskrotownik.org/ HT-SKRÓTOWNIK] Polish Guide
===Web Sites - Statistics ===
*[http://www.alltidhattrick.org AlltidHattrick]
*[http://www.hatstats.info HatStats ]
*[http://www.hattristics.org/pub/index.php hattristics]
*[http://www.jalonator.net jalonator]
*[http://student.science.uva.nl/~lhoek/maptrick.php? Maptrick]
*[http://www.lokesoftware.dk/ham/hamtpestats.cfm? HAM TPE stats]
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/htpe/ HTPE]
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/halloffame/ hattrick Hall Of Fame]
*[http://www.ht-league.com ht-league]
*[http://www.ht-deutschland.de/ HT-Deutschland.de] Stats and rankings for all german leagues and teams
===Web Sites - Tools ===
*[http://www.friendlymanager.httools.org HTTools Friendly Manger ] Freeware
*[http://www.fcclogo.cretze.org FCC Logo ] Freeware/Member of FCC federation
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/x-ray/ X-Ray] Freeware/Trial (recurrent)
*[http://www.hottrick.org/hattrick_keeper_tool.php hottrick keeper tool] Freeware
*[http://www.cpoet.net/simarena.php SimArena (Arena calculator)] Freeware
*[http://www.cpoet.net/simcheeese.php SimCheeese (online teamphoto tool)] Freeware
*[http://powersystems.be/sigcreator/ Sig and Flagcreator] Freeware
*[http://www.doxdev.com HT-DOX - Look at your Bookmarks] Freeware
*[http://student.science.uva.nl/~lhoek/coolness.php League Coolness Ranking] Freeware
*[http://www.asole.org/hat_sublevel_tool.php Hattrick Transfer-List Tool] Freeware
*[http://mikehell.kicks-ass.net/ht-dog ht-dog - Disarmer of Giants] Freeware
*[http://www.student.ru.nl/rvanaarle/injury.php Advanced Injury Calculator] Freeware
*[http://sdsf.de/time-to-heal/ Injury Calculator] Freeware
*[http://www.manager.brygge.dk/Hattrick/experience.htm experience] Freeware
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/cupmanager/ hattriX-Cupmanager] Freeware/Supporter
*[http://www.rembrandt.net/hattrick/ Promotion/Demotion] Freeware
*[http://www.reot.nl/hattrick/hteconomen.htm Economy] Freeware
*[http://www.cupmanager.org Cup Manager] Freeware
*[http://www.tomattrick.org/ tomattrick] Freeware/Membership
*[http://perpetka.neostrada.pl/hattrick/leczenie.htm leczenzie healing tables]Freeware
*[http://www.divxmania.it/hattrick/ Hattrick Logo Counter]Freeware
*[http://www.hattrickhq.org/ Hattrick Head-Quarters]Freeware
==Match Viewers==
*[http://www.criolloviewer.com.ar Criollo Viewer] Freeware
*[http://www.hattricktoday.org/Demo/ Hattrick Today (2D MatchViewer)] Demo version
*[http://www.htplus.org htplus] Freeware
== Bearsden FC (67859) ==

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