Henrihs Kacēns

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Henrihs Kacēns
Henrihs Kacēns
Personal information
Full name Henrihs Kacēns
Nickname "Kacēns"
Position Striker
Number 11
Current club Teika Hackers
Youth clubs
Season 24 LB2
Professional clubs
Season 24-Now Teika Hackers
National team
Season 26 Flag Latvia Lettland.gif U20 Latvija 11 (3)
Teams managed

Henrihs Kacēns, (45300108) is a former Latvian U20 international player. His position is scorer and he is infamous for his aggresiveness on and off the field. Since the age of 17 he is playing for Teika Hackers. He is a clear favoutite for Teika Hackers fans and most hated player elsewhere.

Early life

Henrihs started his career in a lower league team LB2 where he was spotted by the scouts of Teika Hackers and FK Jumanji. Both teams went on bidding war and finally Henrihs was transfered to Teika Hackers for 1 421 000 Lats (2 842 000 Euros).

National U20 team

At the age of 20 he was included in Latvian U20 team. He made a debut in 02.09.2005 and played a total of 11 games, scoring 3 goals.

Achievements with Teika Hackers

Henrihs has enjoyed most of Teika Hackers success in Latvian league. He joined fairly average III. league team and helped his team to lift 2 league trophies and a national cup. Next season he helped Teika Hackers to return to top division and to reach Hattrick Masters semifinals where he shared 2nd to 6th place in top scorers table with 7 goals.

Breaking the legs

Henrihs is not only a great goal scorer but also an uncompromising team player. His work rate and aggressive tackling gas paid off in some games and he has rarely let down his own team. Most famous incident is match against FK Mayertown (04.02.2006) when Henrihs made a nasty tackle which caused injuries for two highest skilled players in opponent team, which had to leave the field. Henrihs recived only a yellow card, but was later revenged by opponents and also had to leave the pitch.

Off the field

Henrihs has shown his aggressive behaviour both on and off the field. During his teams only season in Virslīga he did some provoking interviews with national media, including Latvian HT Radio. He also received a matrial arts diploma just after his team relegated from top division.

Memorable events

  • 16.10.2004 Start of professional career
  • 19.10.2004 Signed by Teika Hackers
  • 27.08.2005 III.10 league champion
  • 02.09.2005 Debut in Latvian U20 team
  • 21.10.2005 First international goal against U20 Chinese Taipei
  • 17.12.2005 II.2 league champion
  • 30.12.2005 2 goals against Hrvatska U20
  • 05.04.2006 Latvian Cup winner
  • 12.06.2006 Debut in Hattrick Masters
  • 15.06.2006 Played in Hattrick Masters semi final
  • 18.11.2006 Became topscorer of Virslīga with 9 goals
  • 03.02.2007 Scored his 100th career goal