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Promoted from: Edmonton Vikings
Season 3, Week 5

Current owner: Edmonton Vikings
National Caps: 140


Herman Ife was promoted in Season 3, as Edmonton Vikings had joined the highest level of competition in Canada. One month later, Ed Cant would be promoted and they would pair up front for a long time within the Vikings Organization. Ife appeared in the first U-20 World Cup in Deutschland where he gained a lot of experience, to ultimately join the National side in the third World Cup in Nederland. He paired up front with numerous Star players, even though they all left at some point, Ife stayed in the lineup for the next four World Cups. At the term of the seventh World Cup in China, Herman Ife is turning 30yrs old, with more than a divine experience, and passable leadership. His spot in the National Team will be harder to keep. Regardless that makes him the most capped HT-player.

Personal Life

Herman Ife quickly got introduced in the 'Star System' of HT-Canada, he was largely publicized and branded as the new Super Star, even though still under 20 yrs old. And he wouldn't hide his overconfidence and cocksure attitude. Club owner MattyJ blindly bragged about his two forwards up front, predicting glory and fame for both. Although some fishy controversial 'Affair' between Ife's Wife and National Legend Brian Baxendale (even though still unclear), one can't deny the near-perfect career of Herman Ife and his overall HT fame. Some say that he will be coaching the Edmonton Vikings in a couple years.