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== Prizes won ==
== Prizes won ==
* Season 7: Champion VI.955 [[Image:kampioen6.gif]]
* <B>Season 7 </B>: Champion VI.955 [[Image:kampioen6.gif]]
* Season 8: Champion VI.955 [[Image:kampioen6.gif]]
* <B>Season 8 </B>: Champion VI.955 [[Image:kampioen6.gif]]
* Season 12: Champion VI.106 [[Image:kampioen6.gif]]
* <B>Season 12</B>: Champion VI.106 [[Image:kampioen6.gif]]
== Players ==
== Players ==

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Het front (365316)
HT-User: kippie
Country: Nederland
Region: Noord-Brabant
Arena: Stadion zonder mening
Fan club: De frontgenoten

Club info

Het front plays in V.225 in The Netherlands. This team subscribed for Hattrick on 9 March 2003. This has brought the club three championships.

Prizes won


  • Wu Hoai-Nam
Wu Hoai-Nam came to Holland at the age of 17. Het front payed € 1.250.000 to complete this transfer. That seemed a lot of money at first sight, but Wu Hoai-Nam developed very quickly. He made it to the Chinese U20-squad and played 14 games for his country so far.
  • Achintya Pari
Achintya Pari was bought to complete the training program at the club. Achintya trained hard and when he was 19, he was called up for the U20-squad of India. He played 9 international matches and got a lot of international experience.