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#REDIRECT [[Hattrick#Development]]
[http://www.hattrick.org/museum/info.html This] is how Hattrick used to look when it started.
==Season 11==
* New leagues: [[Argentina]], [[Denmark]], [[Finland]], [[Germany]], [[England]], [[Italy]] and [[Mexico|Spain]]
==Season 12==
* Spain was renamed to Mexico
==Season 13==
* new leagues: [[Brazil]], [[Canada]], [[Chile]], [[China]], [[India]], [[Ireland]], [[Scotland]]
==Season 14==
* new leagues: [[Ísland]]
==Season 15==
* The first [[World Cup]] is played.
==Season 16==
* new leagues: [[Hungary]], [[Czech Rep.]], [[Estonia]], [[Hellas|Greece]], [[Croatia]], [[Indonesia]], [[Latvia]], [[Philippines]] and [[Srbija i Crna Gora|Yugoslavia]]
* The first [[U-20 World Cup]] is played.
==Season 18==
* new leagues: [[Bulgaria]], [[Wales]], [[Slovenija|Slovenia]], [[Israel]]
* VI. Division established in Spain, Nederland and Germany
==Season 19==
* VII. Division in Nederland
==Season 20==
* [[Hattrick 6.5]] was introduced
* VI. Division established in Finland, Italy and Poland
* VII. Division in Switzerland
==Season 21==
* new leagues: [[Paraguay]], [[Ecuador]], [[Bolivia]], [[Nigeria]], [[Morocco]] and [[Faroe Islands]]
* IV. Division in  Serbia and Montenegro,  Lithuania
* V. Divison in Colombia, Uruguay, Greece, Ireland
* VI. Division in Chile, France, Austria, Israel
* VII. Division in Argentina, Spain, Germany and Belgium
==Season 22==
* new leagues: [[Saudi Arabia]], [[Tunisia]], [[Costa Rica]], [[Luxembourg]], [[Iran]], [[Dominican Republic]], [[Cyprus]] and [[United Arab Emirates]]
==Season 23==
* new leagues: [[Northern Ireland]], [[Byelarus]], [[FYR Macedonia]], [[Panama]], [[Kenya]] and [[Jamaica]]
==Season 24==
* new leagues: [[El Salvador]], [[Honduras]], [[Kyrgyzstan]], [[Malta]], [[Moldova]] and [[Albania]]
==Season 25==
* new leagues: [[Jordan]], [[Andorra]], [[Sakartvelo|Georgia]] and [[Guatemala]]
==Season 26==
* new leagues: [[Suriname]], [[Nicaragua]], [[Trinidad & Tobago]] and [[Kazakhstan]]
==Season 27==
* new leagues: [[Algeria]], [[Armenia]], [[Lebanon]], [[Liechtenstein]], [[Mongolia]] and [[Senegal]].
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