Homer Simpson

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Homer Simpson was a player without noteworthy skills but a very unique name. He was generated in a bot team of the USA and he even has a record with the US national team. His popularity within the HT Community was similar to Bob Sunesson's.

But some day his team was assigned to a real manager and although there were many users who pleaded to save Homer, he was sent into HT-Walhalla.

Even putting him on the US national team prior to the deletion of the bot team has not helped, because he never belonged to a non-bot team. Protests fell silent when the HT-Team announced to grant him immortality by giving him a unique retiring message:

PlayerID 10262441 was last seen at Moe's Tavern downing mug after mug of Duff's Beer. His days of glory are clearly over...

Ever since the original was first spotted, many people try to confuse others by coming up with clones of Homer Simpson, but there can only be one - and this original is gone. Forever. Skøl, Homer!

If you don't know anything about Homer, check out Homer on Wikipedia.org or The Simpsons.