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   | full_local_name  = Hong Kong
   | full_local_name  = Hong Kong
   | name_(english)    = Hong Kong
   | name_(english)    = Hong Kong
Line 6: Line 6:
   | image_map        = LocationHongKong.png
   | image_map        = LocationHongKong.png
   | zone              = [[Asia, Africa and Oceania]]
   | zone              = [[Asia, Africa and Oceania]]
   | link_to_map      = http://maps.google.com/?q=Hong Kong, China
   | link_to_map      = http://maps.google.com/?q=Hong%20Kong%2C%20China
   | continent        = [[Asia]]
   | continent        = [[Asia]]
   | season            = 17
   | season            = 17
Line 18: Line 18:
   | currency          = Hong Kong Dollar
   | currency          = Hong Kong Dollar
   | parity            = 1000 HKD = 100 €
   | parity            = 1000 HKD = 100 €
   | htt_offset        = 7
   | htt_offset        = +7
   | footnotes        =  
   | footnotes        =  

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Hong Kong
Location of Hong Kong
Link to Google map
Link to Kong Wikipedia
Currency Hong Kong Dollar
1000 HKD = 100 €
Time zone Hattrick Time +7
Continent: [[Asia]]
Hong Kong HT Country
[[Asia, Africa and Oceania]]
Number of regions: 13
Current local season: 17
Number of teams:
(~ active)
10920 (active ~800)
Level of series: 6
Top series name: 1st Division League
National cup name: Hong Kong Cup
National teams

History (歷史)

Hong Kong League has been created in Season 17 along with Chinese Taipei.

Hattrick Announcement about moving teams from China to HK (關於從中國轉移球隊到香港的 Hattrick 公告)

19-08-2002 Teams moving from China to HK
We have now begun moving the teams

that have so requested from the Hong Kong region of China to Hong Kong. You can still request this, but the deadline is noon 12:00 HT-Time (European time). The reason why we muc be strict with this is becuase otherwise will both the China cup and the Hong Kong Cup, which both starts on Wednesday, be messed up and no-one wants that to happen! :)

Hong Kong was extended to six levels before the beginning of national season 17.

National Team Coaches (前任國家隊教練)

World Cup Manager
World Cup X ronnyhul
World Cup IX ronnyhul
World Cup VIII shapeshifer
World Cup VII DragonZL
World Cup VI Former user
World Cup V Unknown
World Cup IV Unknown
World Cup III Unknown
World Cup II Unknown

U-20 Coaches (前任20歲以下國家隊教練)

World Cup Manager
U-20 World Cup IX ronnyhul
U-20 World Cup VIII ronnyhul
U-20 World Cup VII wbedoucha
U-20 World Cup VI Siuhw
U-20 World Cup V Unknown
U-20 World Cup IV Unknown
U-20 World Cup III Unknown
U-20 World Cup II Unknown

Trophies (獎盃)

No trophy till now.

Hong Kong staff

Hong Kong's Schedule (香港區時間表)

Updates (更新)

Training: Thursday at 13.30 HT-Time (Also Daily updates)
Weekly updates: Friday at 22:45 HT-Time (Also Daily updates)
Daily updates: Monday at 5:30, Tuesday at 5:30 and 14:30, Thursday at 5:30 and 13:30, Friday at 05:27 and 22:45 HT-Time

Games (比賽)

Cup and home friendlies: Wednesdays at 11:00 HT-Time
League Games (all divisions): Saturdays at 08:30 HT-Time

League Champions (最高聯賽冠軍)

Season Team Name Manager Name
16 36 FC Siuhw
15 36 FC Siuhw
14 36 FC Siuhw
13 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
12 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
11 Netopia evalam
10 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
9 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
8 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
7 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
6 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
5 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
4 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
3 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
2 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
1 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai

Hong Kong Cup champions (杯賽冠軍)

Season Team Name Manager Name
16 Lazy United lazyman
15 FC shadowinmist shadowinmist
14 blood evil united tungchan
13 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
12 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
11 36 FC Siuhw
10 Netopia evalam
9 The Ngoumnipotents jucsitin
8 Team of PIE[1] Me3_14
7 Team of PIE Me3_14
6 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
5 Team of PIE Me3_14
4 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai
3 shapeshifer shapeshifer
2 HK_Liverpool_FC chapce
1 eXplore IAW FIFA yiuwai

The Double (雙料冠軍)

These are the teams that have managed to take home the double, i.e. managed to win both 1st Division League and Hong Kong Cup in the same season.

Team Name Victories Season(s)
eXplore IAW FIFA 5 1, 4, 6, 12, 13

Region name change (區域)

The name of four regions was changed at the end of Hong Kong season 15.

Keywords: (rename, regions)

By: GM-Wrenwin 8239081.115 as reply to 8239081.113
To: Everyone 21-03-2007 at 19.07
do consider the poll, but it would be a very long poll because need to list down all the regions for 3 options. Furthermore most of the HT staffs are busy with the usual season end changes, so I may not want to disturb them too much.

Can we do the change in two parts:

This season, rename the following 5 regions (the one with arrows), and the rest of the regions remain unchange.

Outlying Islands -> Islands

Aberdeen -> Southern

Lo Wu -> North

Victoria -> Wan Chai

Kowloon -> Yao Tsim Mong

Sai Kung

Sha Tin

Tuen Mun

Yuen Long

Pak Tam Chung

Kam Tin



Note the words "North", "Southern", "Islands". Are these words acceptable to you? Do you need to add the word "District"?

Rename the region costs your club nothing - unless you want to change region after renaming, then it is your decision.

Next season, we start the discussion earlier to talk about renaming Pak Tam Chung, Kam Tin, Lantau and Stanley, plus adding in new regions as per HK real life districts.


Keywords: (rename, regions)

By: GM-Wrenwin 8239081.117 as reply to 8239081.116
To: wbedoucha 22-03-2007 at 16.25
Noted. Thanks for the correction.

Final list:

Aberdeen -> Southern District

Lo Wu -> North District

Victoria -> Central and Western

Kowloon -> Yau Tsim Mong

Outlying Islands

Sai Kung

Sha Tin

Tuen Mun

Yuen Long

Pak Tam Chung

Kam Tin



Suggestion is to rename 4 regions, others we do it in next season after discussion.

External Links (外部連結)

Database and Stats (數據及統計)

Unofficial Hattrick Forum (Chinese/Cantonese) 非官方Hattrick討論區 (中文/廣東話)

Regions of Hong Kong Hong Kong

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