Hongos Voladores

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Hongos Voladores
Full Name C.S.D. Hongos Voladores
Nickname(s) Los Hongos
ID (702280)
Founded 02 de junio de 2009
Localization Template:Flag/CHI Metropolitana, Chile
Ground la Poderosa Callampa Dorada
Capacity 20.020
Supporters Callampa Brava
Managing Director Template:Flag/CHI Roca9
Manager Template:Flag/CHI Marcel Peñafiel
League Template:Flag/CHI VI.389 (35353)
Website http://www.hongosvoladores.es.tl/

Club Social y Deportivo Hongos Voladores was founded on June 2th, 2009, in Santiago, Chile, as Cambodia Rangers and used to play in Club de Camboyanos stadium. A season later, the club will be renamed as Hongos Voladores and the history is going to change forever.


Cambodia Rangers - Season 39 (CH 27)

The club was founded on June 2th, as Cambodia Rangers and used to play in Club de Camboyanos stadium. On this season they survived in VII division, finishing 5th against powerful rivals, like Bayo's and C.S. Kazahastán.

Direct Ascent - Season 40 (CH 28)

This season C.S. Kazahastán buys Cambodia Rangers and re-found it as Hongos Voladores. They bought powerful players and started playing on La Poderosa Callampa Dorada. Hongos Voladores finished 2nd this season, getting a direct ascent for VI division. Also they reached the 3rd round in Copa Chile.

Seasons Summary

Season League Pos Pts GD Copa Chile
39 (CH27) VII.313 15 25-45 Didn't play
40 (CH28) VII.313 34 57-18 3° Round
41 (CH29) VI.270 x x x 2° Round

Current Squad


Pos Player
1 Template:Flag/ESP GK Alfredo García
2 Template:Flag/ITA DEF Daniele Mercuri Capitán
3 Template:Flag/CHI DEF Niguel Huidobro
4 Template:Flag/CHI DEF José Alberto Moreno
5 Template:Flag/USA DEF Gilbert Dorman
6 Template:Flag/CHI EXT Zenone Casati
7 Template:Flag/CHI EXT Edgar Castellón
8 Template:Flag/CHI DEL Madeo Villarroel
9 Template:Flag/CHI DEL Fernando Besa
10 Template:Flag/ARG MED David Valle Pérez
11 Template:Flag/ROU DEL Radu-Florin Petchu
12 Template:Flag/FIN GK Antti Nuuti
13 Template:Flag/POR DEF Leonel Pedrosa
Pos Player
14 Template:Flag/CHI MED Cristián Serrano Molera
15 Template:Flag/CHI MED Juan Jesus Unda
16 Template:Flag/CHI EXT Martín Pérez
17 Template:Flag/BEL MED Jean Chourpa
18 Template:Flag/LTU MED Eligijus Kasperskis
19 Template:Flag/BRA EXT Sandro Ferro
20 Template:Flag/POR DEL Paulo Vasco Silva Casimiro
21 Template:Flag/BEL DEF Moustafa Diouf
22 Template:Flag/POL DEL Kazimierz Stepa
23 Template:Flag/SUI DEL Matteo Hiser
24 Template:Flag/FRA EXT Sébastien Chaplain
25 Template:Flag/ESP DEF Jonay Palencia
00 Template:Flag/CHI MF Tanausu Otaola


Manager Seasons Notes and achievments
Template:Flag/CHI Marcel Peñafiel 39/x
First ever Hongos Voladores player to be a manager.