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Houston is a region in the USA representing the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest city in the country.

Top Ten Teams in Houston

  • 1. Prospects 2nd II.4
  • 2. Mountain Kings 1st III.4
  • 3. Crizackheads 3rd III.11
  • 4. The Frisky Meerkats 3rd III.8
  • 5. Houston Hippopotami 5th III.3
  • 6. Ball Kickers 6th III.13
  • 7. Group TNT 8th III.11
  • 8. Brays Bayou FC 1st IV.20
  • 9. American Dreams 1st IV.7
  • 10. Jeff Brown Paper Bagwells 2nd IV.2

Current as of the end of season 31