How'd I Loose?

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A misspelled thread title now incorporated into the fabric of the HT community on the various conference boards. Usually indicates displeasure at losing a match the thread poster thought they should win.

Also known as "How did I loose". A common phrase used in such threads is "I wuz robbed".

A common reply in these threads is "The opposition scored more goals than you".

In Spanish conferences, a common word is EJEA, meaning Er Hattrí Eh Asín, a misspelled phrase meaning something similar to shit happens, when you lose a match against a team worse than you. There are weekly threads called "EJEAs dd-mm" or "EJEAs copa dd-mm", (replacing dd-mm with the date of matches) about to post in them the IDs of your (in your opinion robbed) loosed matches to prevent the How'd I Loose? posts flooding the conference.