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Teljes név Bob
Ország  Al Iraq
Ifi karrier
IficsapatIraq Baghdad Babylonians
 Al Iraq3(0)

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Bob egy iraki focista, aki a Baghdad Babylonians-ban játszott, egy iraki botcsapatban. He was the second-ever player being a ' beloved team member', after Bob Sunesson. He also played for the Iraqi National Team.


Bob was the second player to be a beloved team member and the first whose leadership is excellent. (A HT team member sometime during 2005 admitted in a post on a Global forum that there has already been at least one excellent leadership player in the playerbase, after a long search for this player among the latest made ones the HT finally gave away the id of the player, which was fired. A GM later pasted a screenshot of that fired coach showing excellent leadership.

Since Bob was on a bot team (Baghdad Babylonians of Al-Dawry Al-Momtaz), he was be automatically retired when his team got an owner. After a discussion in "Global (English)", it was proposed that Bob be added to the Al Iraq national team. Therefore, the coach of Al Iraq selected him to the team, and he played some games as a keeper (earning 2*). Unfortunately, this attempt was fruitless; the same thing was attemped with Homer Simpson, and it failed to save him from the fickle finger of HT fate. The Baghdad Babylonians got a new owner on the 31st of July 2007 and Bob disappeared again.

National team

Bob's appearances for the National team of Iraq:

Nr. Date National Team Matches Result Kind of match Goals
1. 12-05-2006  Al Iraq -  Venezuela 0-9 National Friendly 0
2. 26-01-2007  Al Iraq -  Al Yaman 5-1 National Friendly 0
3. 09-02-2007  Al Iraq -  Pakistan 1-10 National Friendly 0