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Bob (109567443)

24 years, passable form, healthy

A beloved team member who is temperamental and infamous.

Has poor experience and excellent leadership abilities.

Nationality: Al Iraq

Total Skill Index (TSI): 620

Wage: 6 100 NIS/week

Owner: Baghdad Babylonians

Warnings: 0

Injuries: Healthy

Matches for National team: 1

Career Goals: 0

Career Hattricks: 0

League goals this season: 0

Cup goals this season: 0

Bob is the second player who is beloved team member and the first who is leadership is excellent (A HT team member sometime during 2005 admitted in a post on a Global forum that there has already been at least one excellent leadership player in the playerbase, after a long search for this player among the latest made ones the HT finally gave away the id of the player, which was fired. A GM later pasted a screenshot of that fired coach showing excellent leadership)

However, Bob created 4/10/2006 on a bot team, Baghdad Babylonians in Al Iraq I.1, after a long discussion in "Global (English)" there was an idea how to save him from retirement when the bot get an owner, the idea is to take Bob to the Al Iraq national team, when the Iraqian get a coach the idea implemented, Bob Played one game (80730921) as a keeper (he get 2*), and then he Kicked out from the squad.