II.1 (USA)

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USA's II.1 is a historically middle-of-the-road division II series in the USA. It has housed notable Major League teams such as Mean Losers FC, Red Star Belgrade, Shaolin Landfills, Stiinta United, Team Spork, and The Smokin' Joes. The division isn't all that notable on paper. Its most famous current resident is former USA U-20 coach Azeroth of the Rompifiers.


(As of Season 38)

Title Winners

Season Winner
38 Pythons
37 Polar_Bears
36 crunchers
35 Pythons
34 Rizzo's Salesmen
33 Gaithersburg Bhoys F.C.
32 Fockers
31 Fair Oaks Diamonds
30 Rompifiers
29 Wittgenstein Hotspur
28 Stiinta United
27 The Minutemen
26 Rompifiers
25 Mean Losers FC
24 Shaolin Landfills
23 Red Ribbon Army
22 Team Spork
21 The Smokin' Joes
20 Aguilas
19 Panther City FC
18 Panther City FC
17 Valley Warriors
16 Red Star Belgrade
15 Center City Gooners
14 Shaolin Landfills
13 Mean Losers FC
11 New York City