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Following is the list of the ideas that have been suggested by different Hattrick managers to the HT-team and no definite answer from a HT-staff member has been received.

The purposes of this page are:

  • to provide the list of possible improvements to the game interface and the engine that the HT-team might want to consider.
  • to keep managers from starting 'let's implement this' type of threads in the Global conference every time a new manager has the same bright idea that someone else submitted a week ago.

Please feel free to add your own ideas to the list and discuss them in the discussion page.

If a member of a HT-staff publicly (i.e. in the Global or some other Hattrick forum) explains that something cannot/would not be done, please move the idea to the Rejected ideas page along with the explanation, if any, possibly copying the post word by word. Otherwise, in the rare event that a HT-team member would announce that something could be done in the (hopefully nearest) future, it should be moved to the Approved ideas page, again with the post.

If something you believe is obviously wrong, please post it in the Bugs page. Do not post bugs that can be abused by other managers this way -- these should be mailed to your local GMs!

It is important to realize that small and/or cosmetic changes are much easier to implement while large changes that would require revamping major parts of the game would almost 100% likely fail to be approved. The reason for this is that the game is supposed to evolve at a low pace, otherwise many managers would get frustrated at the game constantly changing and quit.

Game interface

Game interface improvements go here.

  • The ability for "Hattrick Supporters" to select either the main or reserve kit when playing away from home. I think the current in-built method just compares the shirt fill colours (which aren't necessarily the most dominant colours after patterns have been added).
  • Clickable links on players in the lineups in a match report.
  • Many interface improvements that available with the Foxtrick plugin, which does offer many of these improvements.
  • Notebook: "delete my notes" link moved to a spot far away from the Save button :)
  • Match lineup: modify displayed text of individual orders so the page could show up on one page (without having to scroll; in English, "extra inner midfielder/central defender" is too long so the page is to be scrolled horizontally).
  • Player list: list on the right could have the player number prepended to the names (but not as a part of the link).
  • League standings: win-draw-loss coloumns. Option: in a separate list type (like "Old League tables").
  • My Hattrick: showing last/current match and league position (like the Supporters page but for the current team). Current economy balance and latest transfer list entry could also be displayed.

Match engine

Match engine suggestions go here. Please note that the changes in this area have very little chance to be implemented due to a variety of reasons.

  • Player names colored in their respective team colors. (yes like in foxtrick, but should work on the live match too). For a complete list of ideas, visit the foxtrick website and see its features and the features requested in the forum.
  • High set pieces skill for goalkeepers could increase the chance of saving a penalty. Pro: increasing popularity of set pieces training; most managers get a bit better game experience; more effort in transfer list browsing (for good SP goalkeepers) pays off. Con: Maybe national team goalkeepers are too strong anyway. Another Con: It is not even close to real life.. (I personally have been playing as a GK for 8 years. I save quite many penalties, but I am really bad at shooting them.)
  • Chance of (some?) special events could be modified by player form in a non-linear manner. Eg. measuring to passable form as 100%, excellent form could enhance the chances to 120%, while poor form could decrease to 60%. The same with negative events but with a negated scale.
  • Specialities for Goalkeepers! For example:
    • unpredictable: positive effects: will save some "extremly hard to catch" goals. negative effects: blackout, just standing there and letting the ball pass behin the goal line. depending
    • quick: positive: will be able to run out and save an almost certein goal when the defenders screwed up. negative: will be lobbed (is that correct english? :) ) more often than regular keepers.
    • powerful: will be able to save some more corner kicks. negative effects: none
  • Keepers should also get cards! If keeper gets sent off, the weakest striker (!) on the field is subbed out for the reserve keeper.
  • Introduce own Goals! (blackout keeper, defender or midfielder)


Economical suggestions go here. Please note that the changes in this area have very little chance to be implemented due to a variety of reasons.

  • If a player is playing abroad but in his region (eg. an English player in France, Western Europe), the wage penality could be 10% instead of 20%, as he's "not that far away from home". This could make a new option for saving some wages.


Everything else that doesn't fall in one of the above categories goes here.

  • Add a little counter next to the all flags that says how many flags that part has.
  • Supporters only: allow maximum amount to be set (e.g. 5/10/25/all) for friendly invitations.
  • Make it possible to change the teamname abbreviation while NOT changing the actual teamname. (In off season; for normal costs) (New teams rumored to have possibility to set abbreviation; CHECK THIS!)
  • Conferences: [off] HT-ML tag for offtopic text (to be displayed eg. in gray text, like the signatures)
  • Ability to turn My Hattrick event delete-on-read feature off. Option: for supporters only. Option 2: autodelete stays, but a new link/button appears with "keep this event in the event log" or sg. which un-deletes the event (ie. inserts it again, with eg. the text transferred with GET/POST so the DB delete could be executed anyway; security issues should be addressed however).
  • Total Popularity Index (TPI) - a system of gauging the popularity of a player among his team's fans. To prevent cluttering this page, the full proposal and additional ideas is located here.
  • Raise the 12 hour limit when firing players with TSI less than eg. 200. (Sometimes one would just reorganise the B squad...)

Related sites

Hattrick Hub is a site dedicated to promoting, discussing and rating ideas and suggestions related to Hattrick. The purpose of this is to preserve good ideas that would otherwise be lost in other forum discussions, and to gather ideas in one place.