If You Want 'FOUNDED FEDERATION' Achievement

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The aim of this fed is to get the Achievement Points for Founding a Federation.

Members take it in-turn to found the next federation and are generally allowed 1 week to get the membership up to gain the Achievement points.

Achievement Points are as follows:

  • 1000+ Members = 40pts
  • 500+ Members = 30pts
  • 100+ Members = 20pts
  • 50+ Members = 15pts
  • 10+ Members = 10pts
  • 5+ Members = 5pts

Once the Achievement points have been obtained, normally on a Friday, the next-in-line starts a new fed with the same rules & name (+1).

The membership list is viewable on the Federation's Forum which will say where you are on the list and who is next in-line.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will join our federation!

Past Federations

Founder Team Name Members
deejay2 Template:Flag/FRA om-asm ?
Vaitork Template:Flag/VEN Polar Beærs F.C. 66
Olympiatrainer Template:Flag/AUT Olympia Wien 8
sime13 Template:Flag/CRO Popišanci ?
DaKar Template:Flag/GER Hochhemmer Chaosclub 6
JaMark Template:Flag/DEN Hvinningdal IF 10
Squadron Template:Flag/NED W-Squadron ?
Simon2002 Template:Flag/FIN Täplämittarit 32
Paradoxo Template:Flag/BRA Paradoxo F.C. ?
Sweeper69 Template:Flag/GER Radebeuler SV Lößnitz ?
micorial Template:Flag/VEN RealSLB 22
Braumaister Template:Flag/GER FC CiderSpace 23
kdaleb Template:Flag/USA Vancouver Penguins FC 10
TheKeeper Template:Flag/NED East Side Kickers 16
Trocki Template:Flag/CRO Revolucionari 17
misteriozo Template:Flag/CRO NK BLUFONAC 15
Perrinjo Template:Flag/CRO Laki Luzeri 15
Pethest Template:Flag/DEN The Zealots 13
Stef310 Template:Flag/NED Atlético Comercio 14
godenzoon Template:Flag/NED godenzoon.nl 22
Iltios Template:Flag/SUI FC Dumdideldei 22
-Rasco- Template:Flag/BEL Liverpool Reds 23
Speedy11 Template:Flag/ITA Speedy11 24
Bklyn69 Template:Flag/USA Brooklyn '69 27
Giten Template:Flag/NED SV Meppel '03 30
AFFF-NLO-FL-FT-SAHFC Template:Flag/ENG Stourbridge Albion H.F.C. 50
chee7ah Template:Flag/NED AFC Odysseus 38
kiusap-ES-V253 Template:Flag/ESP gilipollas desconcertantes 42
FatBoyOs Template:Flag/ENG AFC Odysseus 53
Kinnerup Template:Flag/DEN FC Gilleleje 57
HFR-Amarant Template:Flag/NED Dominating Dragons 52
BlaaT Template:Flag/NED BlaaT's Cluppie 103
Sweeper69 Template:Flag/GER Radebeuler SV Lößnitz 58
cercletje Template:Flag/BEL Cercle_Brugge K.S.V. 62
Woozie Template:Flag/LUX Diekrecher Ieselen 52
RVanderVen Template:Flag/NED Brunssum Eagles '72 70
Remix Template:Flag/NED Wolf United FC 57
Pokerface Template:Flag/NED Pokerface Dronten 84
superemiel Template:Flag/NED S.V. Dedemsvaart Dns
Benganboy Template:Flag/SWE Bengan_Bois 63
Cristiano777 Template:Flag/CZE Cristiano Ronaldo 7 66
HoundDog Template:Flag/NED Heineken All Stars 60
DocLove Template:Flag/NED ElMedicos 60
Jeggburt Template:Flag/ENG Shirey Geordies 63
Oempa Template:Flag/NED Loempa United FC 58
non_will_survive Template:Flag/BEL kFC The Giants 56
lenry_luai Template:Flag/CHI Club Atletico Millonarios Cerveceros 69
Runen13 Template:Flag/AUT FC Runen 64
stefan_esmarch Template:Flag/DEN Esmarch FC 63
Zokisu Template:Flag/SVN SNK Hajduk 77
NOSKOETT Template:Flag/DEN Nordsjællands Boldmongoler 72
zeppie Template:Flag/ITA Milano idmanyurdu 104