If You Want 'FOUNDED FEDERATION' Achievement

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The aim of this fed is to get the Achievement Points for Founding a Federation.

Members take it in-turn to found the next federation and are generally allowed 1 week to get the membership up to gain the Achievement points.

Achievement Points are as follows:

  • 1000+ Members = 40pts
  • 500+ Members = 30pts
  • 100+ Members = 20pts
  • 50+ Members = 15pts
  • 10+ Members = 10pts
  • 5+ Members = 5pts

Once the Achievement points have been obtained, normally on a Friday, the next-in-line starts a new fed with the same rules & name (+1).

The membership list is viewable on the Federation's Forum which will say where you are on the list and who is next in-line.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will join our federation!


The first YMCA was founded by deejay2 but after a few weeks a long lasting bug in the federation achievement nearly meant the end of the project. But when the bug was fixt the YMCA really started. The first federations only reached 10 members, but the federation grew slowly bigger and bigger. AFFF-SAHFC was the first to get 50 members in YMCA 26. Shortly afterwards BlaaT succeeded getting 100 members (YMCA 32). Eversince YMCA 57 all federation reached 100 members and all founders received 20 achievement points.

But when the fed grew larger the waiting time to found a federation became long, so (after many discussions) a second fed was added. Everyone who had 2 fed slots could enter the ACMY to speed up the list. The first ACMY founded by mckristian needed 4 weeks to get 100 members, the second only 2 weeks and the ACMY federations after those all got 100 members whitin one week.

The current waiting list can be found here.

Past Federations

A complete list of all past achievers can be found Here

The past achievers with a wiki team page can be found below.

Number Founder Team Name Points
5 DaKar Template:Flag/GER Hochhemmer Chaosclub 5
19 Stef310 Template:Flag/NED Atlético Comercio 10
28 kiusap Template:Flag/ESP gilipollas desconcertantes 10
53 zeppie Template:Flag/ITA Milano idmanyurdu 20
58 Stealer Template:Flag/WAL FC Red Dwarf 20
60 HeavensAngel Template:Flag/BEL Sportieve Senioren 20
66 cittleland Template:Flag/NED reberton 20
68 samdori Template:Flag/USA Los Guepardos Chéveres F.C. 20
70 gekleurd Template:Flag/NED TeamGey 20
78 stoorzender Template:Flag/BEL ksvo 20
83 MHauge Template:Flag/DEN DK Allstars 20
A4 abbandando Template:Flag/NED Genco Olive Oil 20
A13 Ossie_Bossie Template:Flag/NED Ossie united 20