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Sometimes players get injured and there is not a lot you can do about it. Even if a teams has many physiotherapists, injuries do still occur.

The time for injuries to heal ranges from +1 to +9 (note that the + sign represents the red cross you can see in HT if a player is injured) This healing rate is primarely dependent on the age of the player. The older he gets, the longer it will take to heal. You can hire doctors to speed up the healing process. Physiotherapists will help players prevent injuries in the first place.

A player can not play as long as he's injured. When he's close to recovery (+1) he is able to follow training, but he can't appear in matches yet. Once he's really allmost recovered he gets a bandage next to his name instead of the red plus. Now he can play matches again, but he will perfom slightly below his capacities. Once the bandage is removed he's back to his old level, that is if he did get a major form crisis in the meantime.

Several sites and helper applications offer tables or calculators to predict how long an injury will take to heal. Here are some popular sites:

This site tells you how long you can expect a player to be injured based on the injury text in the match report.

This player is injured and can't play for quite a while. Injured player.JPG
This player is injured, but he can follow training. He's will soon be ready to play matches again. Injured-1 player.JPG
This player is ready to play matches again, but will perfom slightly below his capacities. Bruised player.JPG