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Innat FC is a Swedish team managed by HoggeH. The team was created on the 13th of March 2003, global season 18. Over the years the team advanced to the Swedish top league Allsvenskan in season 37. During that season they won both the leage and the cup, thus claiming The Double.

In season 38 the team won the cup for the second consecutive season, while ending up in fourth place in Allsvenskan. Also in the same season, the team lost the final of the Hattrick Masters XI against Hackers United with 1 - 2.

Season 39 was yet another great season for Innat FC with their second Allsvenskan gold medal, as well as their third consecutive cup win in a row. A true Hattrick indeed.

Prize Shelf

  • National Cup.PNGNational Cup.PNGNational Cup.PNG Season 37, 38 and 39
  • Division I s.PNGDivision I s.PNG Season 37 and 39 (The Double both times)
  • Division II s.PNG Season 36
  • Division III s.PNG Season 35
  • Division IV s.PNG Season 33
  • Division V s.PNG Season 32
  • Division VI s.PNGDivision VI s.PNGDivision VI s.PNG Season 21, 23 and 31
  • Division VII s.PNGDivision VII s.PNGDivision VII s.PNG Season 20, 28 and 30