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The correct title of this page is Insomniacz. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

Brief History

Insomniacz was founded at 20th September 2008 and is based in Samarinda. On the 21st September, board members of Insomniacz appointed SinnerZ as the manager. At season 21, Insomniacz on their first ever season won their series - V.105. However they failed to win the promotion battle as they were beaten soundly 1 - 3 by Hapil epce. The failure didn't last long as Insomniacz managed to win the V.105 title immediately on season 22, and won a direct promotion to a tough IV.26. After just finishing only 6th, Insomniacz

Insomniacz Logo.jpg
Team Facts
Team ID : 113127
Country : Indonesia
Region : Samarinda
Arena : St. Mery Stadium
Fan Club: : Nocturnal Beings
YA : Nocturnal Insomniacz Football Academy
The Owner - Manager
Username : SinnerZ
Gender : Male
Nationality : Indonesia
Language : English
Founded : Sept 20th 2008