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Insomniacz Logo
Team Facts
Team ID : 113127
Country : Indonesia
Region : Samarinda
Arena : St. Mery Stadium
Fan Club: : Nocturnal Beings
YA : Nocturnal Insomniacz Football Academy
The Owner - Manager
Username : SinnerZ
Gender : Male
Nationality : Indonesia
Language : English
Founded : Sept 20th 2008

Brief History

  • League

Insomniacz was founded at 20th September 2008 and is based in Samarinda. On the 21st September, board members of Insomniacz appointed SinnerZ as the manager. At season 21, Insomniacz on their first ever season won their series - V.105. However they failed to win the promotion battle as they were beaten soundly 1 - 3 by Hapil epce.

The failure didn't last long as Insomniacz managed to win the V.105 title immediately on season 22, and won a direct promotion to a tough IV.26. After just finishing only 6th, Insomniacz managed to stay on the fourth division by winning their qualification game, PSM Semarang 3 - 0. Insomniacz then spent the next 3 seasons in the same series, before finally managed to win it on season 26.

There was no qualification game this time around, as they were directly promoted to III.7, home of established teams such as Sidikalang City, Pheonix Fire and Raja Amarta. Again, the Lady Luck smiled upon Insomniacz, after just spending one season, they were able to win the series as well as getting promotion by beating M@ung B@ndung 3 - 4 in the qualifying match!

Currently, Insomniacz is competing in II.4.

  • Cup

There were not many things that are worth the mentions for Insomniacz' cup progress for the first few seasons. However, at season 26, Insomniacz managed to reach round 6 for the first time in their history and they were beaten by eventual winner Juvenile FC 0 - 1. The following season, Insomniacz managed to surpassed the previous feat by reaching last 16 (Round 8) before again, being stopped by the eventual winner, Fahrian Nusantara FC 0 - 3.

Currently, Insomniacz is facing PS Semen Padang in the fifth round of the Indonesian Cup.

Team History

Season League Position Cup Finish Qualification match
4 - 3 vs M@ung B@ndung
Direct Promotion
3 - 0 vs PSM Semarang
Direct Promotion
1 - 3 vs Hapil epce

Note: Season 28 is in progress.


Division III.PNG Series Champion of III.7 Season 27

Division IV.PNG Series Champion of IV.26 Season 26

Division V.PNG Series Champion of V.105 Season 22

Division V.PNG Series Champion of V.105 Season 21

Insomniacz' team logo, is privately designed by one of the most renown artist of LDH Federation, Charlie-Planlos. SinnerZ is extremely happy with the artwork and will forever be grateful to both Charlie-Planlos and the LDH Federation who made all these possible.

Fans Club

The fans of Insomniacz have called themselves as 'Nocturnal Beings', after previously named "Sleepless Vampires". Currently, there are 3025 strong fans in the fans club, the number that have growed rapidly from a mere 100 fans two years ago.

Reportedly, it is a habit for 'Nocturnal Beings' to hold a yearly competition of being able to stay awake the longest. Fortunately, there has been no casualty so far.

Nocturnal Beings


Insomniacz have reportedly been negotiating a deal with a large 'sleeping pill' company, however as the fans thought that it would beat the purpose of naming themselves 'Nocturnal Beings', the boards have decided to strike a deal with a leading coffee-company-chain instead.

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Current Trainees

Insomniacz was initially known for being a 'defensive' team with 'preference' to Counter-Attack. However, since the end of Season 27, SinnerZ finally had enough of defending training and opted to switch to (yep, you guessed it) Scoring training.

SinnerZ is reportedly trying to establish a long term training plan (at last lol!) for Lëtzebuerg Maxime Durand, who is currently a member of Luxembourg U20 team.

Currently, the other five trainees are:

  • Schweiz Marco Pedretti
  • Al Yaman Musa Al-Mudan, ex-U20
  • Türkiye Özgür Fatin
  • Deutschland Henning Köhner
  • Indonesia Azam Mollucas, a local talent, considered to be an overpaid purchase, but SinnerZ obviously didn't mind a single bit ;)

Hall of Fame

There is only one player/coach who had made it into our Hall of Fame, and that is the legendary Hannu Vanhala.

Hannu Vanhala wasn't a great player, in fact, throughout his career, he only made his name as a coach. He started out coaching 2 unknown teams at the beginning of 2006, before spending the next 4 seasons managing Itumbiara EC in Brazil. He was sacked somewhere in the middle of August 2008 and went on to pursue his career in his native Finland to coach AC. Köllör. However, tragedy happened when AC. Köllör went bankrupt and had to close down the club. Vanhala only served a mere 3 months before being jobless again for another month. It was then when SinnerZ approached him.

Many of Sleepless Vampires were skeptical with his ability to lead Insomniacz at first. He was indeed a solid coach, however he was seemingly poor in taking command of the situations in the dressing room. SinnerZ kept his word to back the allenatore to do his job and Vanhala managed to repay the faith of his manager. His best accomplishment would be leading Insomniacz to the sixth round of Indonesian Cup for the first time, at which 10-players Insomniacz could only hung on to 0 - 1 defeat to the eventual champion, Juvenile FC. Vanhala went on to win the IV.26 title at the end of the season and had won over his critics.

During his stint, he was also responsible of shoring up Insomniacz' defence, and his preference of playing was deploying 5-3-2 and 5-4-1, combined with counter-attacks. This was soon going to be Insomniacz' trademark in the future seasons.

Vanhala decided to retire on top and passed the baton to Salih Gümüş soon after that. He decided to stay at Samarinda and open up a restaurant somewhere at the heart of the city. Vanhala could be seen spending most of his time playing with his 1 year-old grandson, who might be an Insomniacz player one day.


Insomniacz consider the following teams as their (friendly) rivals:

  • Singapore Ho Seh Liao
  • Indonesia FC Actmedia
  • Indonesia Kusanagi No Higinata
  • Indonesia Sidikalang City
  • Indonesia Pheonix Fire
  • Indonesia Raja Amarta


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