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Intel Corporation had unofficially supplied hardware and support to the Hattrick Team for years before the American multinational company became the official technical partner of Hattrick, in April 2006.

Since then and for the duration of the partnership, Intel has been responsible for supporting and updating the game's hardware; in exchange, the Intel logo was steadily visible on the site pages.

Partnership Logo


Logo as shown on the main screen bottom left
The partnership with Intel was announced in an editorial:
Hattrick announces
New Partners and Team Members part in "On Improving the Game" 18/04/2006
Next year, Hattrick has its 10th anniversary as a web game. [...] In growing, we get new responsibilities, not only to our users but to our employees as well. We’d like to explain a little about how we plan to grow our organization in a sustainable way, to cope with your demands.[...]

To boost the reliability and development speed of Hattrick, we are adding three full time positions to the Hattrick team. From May 3, HT-Berg will join us to work solely with our 40 servers, working proactively to minimize potential problems and making sure we have sufficient capacity.
HT-David has recently joined us as project manager for the development team and we are currently recruiting another feature developer for the game.

We have also entered a technical partnership with Intel. After using their hardware for many years, it feels good to have them onboard as official partners. This will give us access to better support and hardware upgrades, and it will clearly help us prepare for future growth.

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