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Though the domain was bought in May 2003 it wasn't until January 2004 that the first article / community site was built. Suedish (Mikael Almstedt) and Spinsis (Oscar Karlsten) are the owners and webmasters of the site, and it was Suedish who posted the first article written about football on January 30 - 2004. During this time the site was no more than a fringe where the webmasters could post articles about any random subject. The site started out covering every angle from movies to NHL hockey, it wasn't until later that the decision to focus on Hattrick and (from the beginning) mainly Sports was made. Today the sites main focus is on Hattrick and Football even though other sports are also covered when time is given.

At first the site was in swedish only and was most recognized for its deep interviews with famous swedish hattrickers. A small selection of people who have been interviewed; DrDDD (Inter Sthlm), Geddan (Gäddträsket), Livergarden (IFK Livergården), Loke (HAM Creator) and the latest MOD-Tonkan83. On the 4th of October 2004 the site made a pretty big breakthrough as it was accepted as AHP by the GM:s. This was a breakthrough because it was feedback from the GM:s that they wanted the site around and this also made it possible for the webmasters to deliver articles and news via the actual hattrick site. Of course, with the possibility to do this the site could reach every swedish manager within the game.

In January 2005 that the first multilingual interface launched. This was the first time that non-swedes could actually browse the site and know their way around. With the multilingual interface came also the possibility to submit AHP posts to the Global directory, which made it possible to reach international readers with english articles. It was obvious that the foreign readers also wanted to read the information that was provided.

Important dates/Milestones

2005/11/07 - First version of HT-FAQ is launched.

2005/10/01 - 10 million visitors.

2005/07/10 - 300 articles.

2005/03/18 - 200 news.

2005/01/10 - AHP "Global" approval.

2005/01/03 - Launch of multilingual interface.

2004/10/04 - AHP "Sverige" approval.

2004/05/05 - 1 million visitors.

2004/04/30 - 100 news.

2004/04/04 - 100 articles.

2004/01/30 - The first article is submitted.


Spinsis (Oscar Karlsten) Site administrator & Co-ordinator - Suedish (Mikael Almstedt), Snowy11, Everittdaniel, Robbo.


Of course without the devoted readers and writers, the site wouldn't still be around. Since the webmasters don't seem to have a list over everyone that ever have submitted something. Please list yourself if you'd like to be mentioned.

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