Irish Addicks

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Irish Addicks (281433)
HT-User: El-Pietro
Country: Ireland
Region: Cork
Prize shelf: P1 orange-new.gif
Arena: The Scott Parker Memorial Stadium (17,500)
Fan club: The Eternally Disappointed

The Irish Addicks is an Irish club based in the Cork region. The club was founded on the February 2004 by El-Pietro.

Club History

Global Season Irish Season League Irish Cup
33 21 ? ?
32 20 1st in III.6 6th round
31 19 2nd in III.6 7th round
30 18 1st in IV.1 4th round
29 17 8th in III.8 4th round
28 16 4th in III.8 4th round
27 15 1st in IV.15 4th round
26 14 7th in III.15 5th round
25 13 1st in IV.60 2nd round
24 12 2nd in IV.60 3rd round
23 11 3rd in IV.60 1st round
22 10 1st in V.224 2nd round
21 9 7th in IV.42 Did Not Enter


Following the ideas the initial founder had for this federation; a long-term effort to improve the irish national squads by insuring that all irishmen get their training, and on home ground! PSBI is also a federation where you can discuss tactics, post requests, locate irish players via scout reports, participate in the annual youth pull challenge or just talk shite. If your federation thinks that they got what it takes, challenge us! Contact Philler or our PFCO KieranQ.