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Location of Israel
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Currency NIS
500 NIS = 100 US$
Time zone Hattrick Time +1
Continent: [[Asia]]
Israel HT Country
[[Asia, Africa and Oceania]]
Number of regions: 45
Current local season: 18
Number of teams:
(~ active)
35496 (active ~17000)
Level of series: 8
Top series name: Ligat Ha´al
National cup name: Israel Cup
Due to an error, season 2 is in fact season 1, season 3 is season 2, etc. The current season is displayed as season 17, but it is season 16.
National teams


Israel is one of the nations in hattrick, that were created in season 18 (global). The country was extended to eight levels before the beginning of national season 17.

Israeli Hattrick Book of Records

Israel sent it's U-20 team 5 Times to the U-20 world cup. Twice with Hbesh, once with ~Phantom~ (then Mod), once with kingbil and once with meidad, who took the team to their best preformance ever. Israel has sent the senior NT only twice to the WC, with GM-Talfr in charge.

The first team in Israel to reach a divine (old) midfield was Maccabi Feja. The first Israeli player to reach Divine was Tsafrir Kline, goalkeeper. The first to win a double is Beitar. The second one is Hapoel Nahariya. The first veteran club to complete a full native squad was Bubi the mad bull. The first Hattrick Israel spammer known to man-kind is MESIAVAN.

Hattrick Masters

Best Performances of Israeli clubs at Hattrick Masters

  • F.C Haifa - 30th season
    • ¼ final - 0-4 loss against Alberto Garcia
    • 5th round - 4-3 win against Stiinta United
    • 4th round - 3-2 win against FC BARCELONA
    • 3rd round - 7-3 win against Soju United
    • 2nd round - 10-0 win against Glasgow Athletic
    • 1st round - 4-3 win against Despojos

  • Hapoel Nahariya - 31st season
    • final - 4-2 win against Taj Mahal
    • ½ final - 6-1 win against Beefeater FC
    • ¼ final - 6-0 win against Ayura-Mix
    • 5th round - 2-1 win against CSKA_
    • 4th round - 5-0 win against Zastava
    • 3rd round - 4-0 win against Atletico Condado
    • 2nd round - 6-2 win against Spora
    • 1st round - 10-0 win against EaTmYp0Pc0Rn

  • Hapoel Nahariya - 32st season
    • ¼ final - 1-0 loss against Holy Rollers
    • 5th round - 3-2 win against Big Time Loosers
    • 4th round - 8-2 win against Herron
    • 3rd round - 6-0 win against Vanjito Headbangers
    • 2nd round - 5-2 win against Fon Utd FC
    • 1st round - 7-3 win against Synergy FC

  • Jefet's Addiction - 33st season
    • final - 3-1 loss against beltxis
    • ½ final - 5-1 win against lenfikova zver
    • ¼ final - 7-2 win against Alderwood Chiefs
    • 5th round - 3-2 win against Mirage Fighters
    • 4th round - 4-3 win against Havoc
    • 3rd round - 3-2 win against Zeta
    • 2nd round - 3-0 win against -Alberto-
    • 1st round - 3-0 win against Victoria Park FC


Masters.gif Hapoel Nahariya won the Hattrick Masters IV in global season 31.

Common Associations

  • Maccabi
  • Hapoel
  • Beitar

Israeli staff

Former staff:

League champions

Due to an error, season 1 is called season 2, season 2 is called season 3, etc. This error is corrected in the following table.

Season Team Name Manager Name
16 Hapoel Nahariya tsahima
15 Jefet's Addiction jefet
14 Hapoel Nahariya tsahima
13 Hapoel Nahariya tsahima
12 F.C Haifa igal08
11 DAODA tripiatrik
10 parrots vovan07
9 F.C Haifa igal08
8 Doy's United abadoy
7 Beitar Korenfine
6 Beitar Korenfine
5 Beitar Korenfine
4 Beitar Korenfine
3 F.C Haifa igal08
2 Beitar Korenfine
1 Hapoel Ariel (Bot) Unknown

Israel Cup champions

Due to an error, season 1 is called season 2, season 2 is called season 3, etc. This error is corrected in the following table.

Season Team Name Manager Name
16 Hapoel Nahariya tsahima
15 Jefet's Addiction jefet
14 Magen David yoavbiton
13 FC Jahnoon -Haim-
12 Jefet's Addiction jefet
11 Hapoel Nahariya tsahima
10 F.C Haifa igal08
9 Doy's United abadoy
8 F.C Haifa igal08
7 La-resistance asaflazarovich
6 Beitar Korenfine
5 Doy's United abadoy
4 La-resistance asaflazarovich
3 Beitar Korenfine
2 Hapoel Beer-Sheva Hbesh
1 Hapoel Beer-Sheva Hbesh

National Teams

National Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
World Cup X GM-Talfr
World Cup IX GM-Talfr
World Cup VIII shpring
World Cup VII abadoy
World Cup VI grimland
World Cup V GM-Korenfine
World Cup IV GM-Korenfine
World Cup III Unknown

U-20 Team Coaches

World Cup Manager
U-20 World Cup IX meidad
U-20 World Cup VIII greenstar/meidad
U-20 World Cup VII kingbil
U-20 World Cup VI ~Phantom~
U-20 World Cup V Hbesh
U-20 World Cup IV Hbesh
U-20 World Cup III Unknown
U-20 World Cup II igal08

Lately, there is some kind of a curse on the U-20 manager spot in Israel. ofermano (retired) was the one to start this, as he announced his resign because of a family cause. kingbil (retired), who reached second, followed him when his team got locked because of cheating. greenstar (retired) got his place and prepared the desired squad during friendlies, but through the elections he done something Illigal and got locked. meidad (retired) took his place and was the coach for one and a half campaign. Just a few days before the season is over, meidad's team is locked due to his own willing. eyalm23 is elected in a quick election to be coach. When will he retire?


Top Series: Ligat Ha´al | II.1 | II.2 | II.3 | II.4
Active Staff
GM: GM-Aviram | GM-Nimrod | GM-Shahar | GM-Tomash | GM-Yair | GM-Zoharo
LA: Mod-Jennie | Mod-Talfr
Mod: Mod-alkik | Mod-Jennie | Mod-mattan | Mod-Shlomit | Mod-Talfr | Mod-Transy

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