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*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/cupmanager/?id=14252 It's a Crime Cup page]
*[http://www.databased.at/hattrick/cupmanager/?id=14252 It's a Crime Cup page]
[[Category:International Federations]]
[[Category:International Federations]]

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It's a Crime (IAC-ONLY, 43060) is a federation started by dworf13 (58504) for former and current players of It's a Crime, the play-by-(e)mail game run in Europe by KJC Games.


  • The first IAC cup was held in June 2006 with 8 teams competing. Vurt (363343) was the winner.
  • The second IAC cup was held in September and October 2006, again with 8 teams competing. 1 FC. Ronin (52736) won the final.
  • The third IAC cup was in fact a series, again with 8 teams competing. work reds (59231) won in their first attempt.
  • The fourth IAC cup, held in April through June 2007, was again a series, this time with 10 teams competing. work reds defended their title with 9 straight wins.
  • The fifth IAC cup, held from mid-August to mid-October 2007, was won by Satyagraha (160478). 10 teams were competing.

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