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Flag of Italy
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Location of Italy
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Time zone Hattrick Time
Continent: Europe
Italy HT Country
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Number of regions: 32
Current local season: 50
Number of teams:
(~ active)
84 648
(~ 50 200 active)
Level of series: 10
Top series name: Serie A
National cup name: Coppa Italia
National teams
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Italia was created in Season 11 (October 2000) along with Argentina, Deutschland, England, France, México and USA, as part of Hattrick's initial expansion out of Sverige. Even if younger than Sverige these countries use the Global Season count.

Italia hosted U-20 World Cup VI.

Notable teams from Italy

The oldest Italian user still active. He/She won the Cup in season 14 and the league in season 18.
Kender's F.C.
The first (and only) Italian team to win 2 Serie A titles playing in two different regions.
Plastic Red
His owner, Sluice, was the first Italian GM and also the first national team coach of Italy. He won the League in seasons 15 and 23, and the cup three times in a row from season 18 to season 20.
A.S. Roma Calcio
The first team to win three league trophies in a row. The same result was later achieved by Arezzo Galasocaray.
Arezzo Galasocaray
The most successful Italian team of the first age: 6 league titles and 2 Cups. Best team result is semi-final of Hattrick Masters III.
Sgainator F.C.
Winner of two cups, the second 10 seasons after the first one (seasons 21 and 31). By the time, all titles have been won by teams from Serie A or II and III division, but Sgainator won his second cup playing in V division.
Dunf United
Galasocaray was ruling this times, but not in season 27, when Dunf wins the national title and becomes the first Italian team to take part in Hattrick Masters (along with K-Team). His owner Dunfermine was a Mod and LA, but was banned from the game while he was the National Team Coach during World Cup VIII.
Taj Mahal
Won the cup in season 30 and the league in season 32 and 34. On international stages they were runner-ups of Hattrick Masters IV, but fought to the last minute of the final.
First team to attending four Hattrick Masters editions in a row by winning 4 different titles: 2 cups in season 34 and 35 and then 2 top division titles in season 36 and 37. Winning his third national cup in season 49, the club achieved the highest number of victories in Coppa Italia and the record of the longest period between two victories (14 seasons!).
Manager Mokiforever was the first to achieve trophies with the National Team. Under his guidance the U-20 NT won the bronze in U-20 World Cup XI and the world title in U-20 World Cup XII.
Mare Salato
His owner, Cortomaltese, was the first Italian manager to win a medal as NT coach of a foreign country (bronze medal with France in U-20 World Cup XIV).
Saints Regia
Won two national cups in a row (seasons 32 and 33) and reached the highest number of achievements points in Italy, globally placing at third place at the time. His manager regia5 was the first Italian to win a NT World Title with a foreign country with Norway.
Orda Balorda Urbino
They brought back a top division team to cup victory, 11 seasons after last Serie A winner by Arezzo Galasocaray. It was the first Italian team to win the Masters in season 42. The club eventually won Serie A in season 41, 42, 44, 45, 47 and holds the record in national cup finals played with 5 (4 in a row but only 1 victory).
Orda manager zagortenay guided NT Italy to the first medal, placing third in World Cup XVIII.
First to win Serie A 4 times in a row (seasons 48, 49, 50, 51).

International Trophies

National Team

Semi-finalist coach zagortenay won Bronze in World Cup XVIII (28-09-2012)
Semi-finalist coach regia5 won Bronze in U-20 World Cup XVII (08-06-2012)
Champion coach regia5 is Champion in U-20 World Cup XVI (30-10-2011)
Runner-up coach Pennywise80 won Silver in U-20 World Cup XIII (27-12-2009)
Champion coach Mokiforever is Champion in U-20 World Cup XII (17-05-2009)
Semi-finalist coach Mokiforever won Bronze in U-20 World Cup XI (03-10-2008)

Hattrick Masters

HT Masters.PNG zagortenay with Orda Balorda Urbino won Hattrick Masters XV (10-06-2010)
HT Masters.PNG Vecchioleone with Oppostafazione won Hattrick Masters XXIV (14-03-2013)
Main article: Italia in Hattrick Masters

National Trophies


Scudetto.PNG SERIE A


52 A.S. Kursaal 13Giacomo13 Racing Castellaneta trezzone
51 excoto tunei Oppostafazione Vecchioleone
50 excoto tunei Oppostafazione Vecchioleone
48 excoto tunei Sparta Bramante Vanagor
47 Orda Balorda Urbino zagortenay Gatto Ciccione F.C. MastroTJ-71
46 A.S. Kursaal 13Giacomo13 0rion _DoC-eNeRGy_
45 Orda Balorda Urbino zagortenay A.S. Kursaal 13Giacomo13
44 Orda Balorda Urbino zagortenay Mar Mousa _Peo_
43 Mar Mousa _Peo_ CSKA SPAM Samu80
42 Orda Balorda Urbino zagortenay Dragon's Eye Alerish
41 Orda Balorda Urbino zagortenay Tridentina Troseidone
40 Poker Soccer Club Dieghito82 Orda Balorda Urbino zagortenay
39 Olympique Maraviglia Aldo70 Bononia Warriors Dalgor
38 Dolasiana AndR80ea Marecchiese Mulziades
33 Mantova 1994 Mauro80 Saints Regia regia5
32 Taj Mahal Giutrader Saints Regia regia5
31 Arezzo Stefano Sgainator F.C. Cratoremassa
30 Arezzo Galasocaray Marrundo Taj Mahal Giutrader
29 Arezzo Galasocaray Marrundo Arezzo Galasocaray Marrundo
28 Arezzo Galasocaray Marrundo Arezzo Galasocaray Marrundo
27 Dunf United Dunfermine K-Team Groton
26 Arezzo Galasocaray Marrundo Paderna Diamante
25 Arezzo Galasocaray Marrundo F.C. Mottola Chemako75
24 Arezzo Stefano Arezzo Stefano
23 Plastic Red Sluice Arezzo Stefano
22 A.S. Roma Calcio SuppaMax Para Para tse5206
21 A.S. Roma Calcio SuppaMax Sgainator F.C. Cratoremassa
20 A.S. Roma Calcio SuppaMax Plastic Red Sluice
19 Arezzo Galasocaray Marrundo Plastic Red Sluice
18 Fladderkatten wildflower Plastic Red Sluice
17 Kender's F.C. tasslehoff A.S. Roma Calcio SuppaMax
16 Kender's F.C. tasslehoff Branzolino A.C. branzo
15 Plastic Red Sluice Branzolino A.C. branzo
14 Juve United marcjuvo Fladderkatten wildflower
13 Juve United marcjuvo Juve United marcjuvo
12 Piedmont[1] BOT ? [2] BOT
11 Napoli BOT Settimo Torinese BOT

The Double

List of winners of both Serie A and Coppa Italia in the same season (i.e. the double means to win the Country's top tier division and its primary cup competition in the same season).

Team Name Victories Season(s)
Arezzo Galasocaray 2 28, 29
Juve United 1 13
Arezzo 1 24

National Teams

Senior National Team

Main article: Italia national team

U-20 National Team

Main article: Italia U-20 national team

Italian staff

GM Mod LA-Editor

Former staff:

GM Mod LA-Editor-CHPP



Training: Thursday at 23:45 HT-Time
Economy and Club: Sundays at 02:00


Cup: Tuesday at 19:00 HT-Time
Friendlies: Tuesday at 19:00~19:20
League Games: Saturday 12:00~12:30



Description TeamID Team Manager Region Value
Oldest Active Team 9091 Fladderkatten wildflower Emilia Romagna 03-08-2001
Stars in a match 235798 Saints Regia regia5 Lombardia 115
Best Rating in a match 235798 Saints Regia regia5 Lombardia 16 (ET)
Fanclub size 235798 Olympique Maraviglia Aldo70 Piemonte 3 787
Most Supported 235798 Olympique Maraviglia Aldo70 Piemonte 1 325
Longest Undefeated 1933269 GLI STIGONI UTD Rastafani-JFC Sardegna 70
Consecutive victories 51606 grets freck ortiz francorina Veneto 60
Most Transfers 235798 Saints Regia regia5 Lombardia 6 400+
Flagchasing (host+visit) 854471 G.S. Pendolo rei85 Campania All 256
Achievements See Italia Top 10 Achievers


Description PlayerID Player Team Date Value
TSI record 77586080 Marco Palladino GOLOVOREZI 2 08-03-2006 999 760
Salary record 77586080 Marco Palladino GOLOVOREZI 2 08-03-2006 694 760 €
Career Hattricks 14677413 Rino Di Liberto Balla coi Gufi 12-12-2009 47
Career Goals 28276832 Andrea Nicolini SputnikStodo 21-06-2010 432

National Team

Description Team Coach MatchID Date Value
Stars record NT Aldo70 298788314 01-10-2010 117.5
Stars record U-20 regia5 348615182 24-10-2011 82.5
Ratings record NT S_Dedalus 298788314 13-10-2006 515 HTStats
Ratings record U-20 Pennywise80 253735667 18-12-2009 357 HTStats



  1. ^  Season is not displayed. League table of season 12 had to be reconstructed
  2. ^  The semifinals saw the victories of Venezia against Sardinia (with 0:1 away and 1:0 at home) and of Milano against Campania (with 6:0 at home and 0:2 away). The two final matches weren't played. There's no winner for season twelve's cup therefore.
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