Jakova FC

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The most succesful hattrick club in Albania winning the League 4 times, and 2 times Albanian Cup from overall 6 seasons. Appeared in Hattrick on 19/10/2004 as AlbEagle FC under the ownership of AlbTifo. In its first season the club became league II.1 champions and after that changed the name to its present one, Jakova FC. On its second season the club became Superliga champions becoming so the first user-controlled team to win the most prestigious title an Albanian team can achieve.

On its third season the team showed to everyone its strength by winning both the Superliga and the Albanian Cup and also won the Albanian Cup on its fourth season, while finishing 2nd in the Superliga. Jakova FC regained the title in season 5, and won it also in season 6.

Because of his many trophies and good results is considered by many the best club in Albania.

The owner is the biggest motherfucker the HT world has ever seen along with the owner of Illyrian Genti.