Jan-Kees van der Molen

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Jan-Kees van der Molen is the main hero of the Lidwinian Football Confederation. Jan-Kees van der Molen

Jan-Kees van der Molen, was born in Xročetoxtos from a farmers' family. At a very young age, the boy showed his valour in hunting and other activities in the woods near the city. When his uncle Olmuij Wamčletsam drafted him for the city defense forces, he quickly seized the top ranks in the Xročetoxtos army.

Jan-Kees van der Molen played a key role in the Novotopian Wars. As a young general, he united the Lidwinian forces at the complex of Circle of Men and under his rule, Lidwinia became a powerful monarchy.

Sadly he died due to an terror-attack in Xročetoxtos.