Japan Football Association

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Japan Football Association (19344)
Japan Football Association
Chief Officer Fish-Man
Founding date 15-02-2005
Members 78 (on 05-05-06)
Languages English, Japanese

Japan Football Association (JFA) (AllianceID: 19344)- a federation in Hattrick that discusses topics and issues regarding Japan both on and off the football pitch. Has a collection of managers of varying knowledge, skill and wierdness from over 23 different countries. The JFA Cup is arranged once per season and includes federation members and select guest clubs. The cup is in its fifth year of existence. The federation was founded by suzukii.


Anyone interested in Japan is invited to join. People from around the world discuss topics such as language, culture and football.

Ask questions about life in Japan and learn something new. Talk about Hattrick Nippon national teams, and also discuss Japan's real life stars playing in the J. League and abroad in Europe.

Gambare Nippon!