Johannes Sanchez

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Johannes Sanchez

Nickname: Holy Johannes

Johannes Sanchez is probably the most gifted German superstar. Sanchez never left his first club Traktor Kreuzberg 36 (Berlin, Germany).


Manager DoppelEM-Don_Ernesto discovered Sanchez' divine abilities. Johannes was the first striker with confirmed scoring gene. As a result of this gene Sanchez scored 89 career goals and 6 hattricks.

Sanchez unfortunately just once appeared in Germany's National team. National trainer kaalita appointed him against Argentina (24322550 - 1.10.04) where he didn't score due to ridiculous passing abilities of co-striker Sandro Haverbusch. Haverbusch (also known as Germany's Peter Crouch) used his influence on parts of the German community to end Sanchez' international career.

Nowadays Johannes works as Traktor's coach.

Coach Johannes Sanchez leaded Germany's U20 team (managed by Alando-Brinkman) to the world championship in WC IX.

Best performance: 61677539 Best performance in National team: 24322550

Sanchez2.jpg Johannes Sanchez (m.)

External links

Additional information about Germany's topscorer (the famous Sanchez video e.g.) can be found here: Wer ist Johannes Sanchez.