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[[File:312.jpg|200px|thumb|left|alternatieve tekst]]
Competitie:  VIII.1256
Competitie:  VIII.1256
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seizoen 29 ... 1e ronde.
seizoen 29 ... 1e ronde.
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{| border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" style="margin: 1em 0em 1em 1em; font-size: 90%;" width="300px" style="background:#dfdfdf;"
| + align="center" | '''Henkalex XI''' (206687)
{| border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="100%" style="margin: 0em; border-style=none; border-width=0px; background:#efefef;"
| HT-User: || [[User:henkalex|henkalex]]
| Country: || [[Nederland]]
| Region: || [[Noord-Brabant]]
| Arena: || Eastwood Stadium
| Fan club: || De HeXIes
== '''Joshua1966''' ==
== '''Joshua1966''' ==
Joshua1966 is a user from The Netherlands.
Joshua1966 is a user from The Netherlands.
== '''Henkalex XI''' ==
The name Henkalex XI has been chosen out of a lack of originality for a teamname. Because the changing of a name costs money and supporters, he will not change the name.
== '''History''' ==
Henkalex XI started in season eight in VII.149 and immediately promoted to the VI.975, by taking the second place.
Because henkalex did not get the game yet, he became champion (no promotion) again the first season in the VI. After that he began playing the game seriously, and got 3rd. After becoming better every season, a championship with direct promotion was the result in season 12.
Since then, Henkalex XI travels between the 5th and 6th division. Currently he seems to be a stable division 5 player.
== '''Stars of Henkalex XI''' ==
Cor Olislagers is the all-time star of Henkalex XI, when it comes to goals. He scored 99 goals in his career at henkalex and became unneccasary by the youth-players. He still is active in Hattrick, and maybe some day will return at Henkalex XI.
The player with the most matches for Henkalex XI is Silvio Bouwens. He played 174 matches for Henkalex XI, from which 99 in the league. Silvio was sold last season because of his age.
The youth-school of Henkalex XI has brought several nice players. The 3 best so far:
1. Ru van Duuren was promoted as good playmaker in week 1 of season 14. Now he is in NL-U20 and played some matches from them. He still is trained abroad.
2. Hein van Kranenburg is a striker from the youthsquad which was trained far. Nowadays he still plays for Henkalex XI.
3. Bonaventura Saes was pulled the same season as Hein and forms the forward-couple with him.
== '''Hattrick Support Federatie.''' ==
Henkalex is one of the leaders of the [[Hattrick Support Federatie]].
The HSF is a alliance which gives beginning managers the chance to become better by asking and reading. Experienced managers get the opportunity to share their knowledge and also get better. This happens in a very nice ambiance, where everyone can feel him- or herself comfortable.
The top of the HSF is formed by:
* [[RosmalennelamsoR]]
* [[Henkalex XI]]
* [[Miepmutsen]]
* [[PFC-Pallas]]
* [[FC Onderhond]]
* [[FCAmras]]
[[Category:Dutch_Clubs|Joshua United FC]]
[[Category:Dutch_Clubs|Joshua United FC]]

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Competitie: VIII.1256

Begonnen: 13-05-2008

Geslacht: Man

Fan van: PSV Eindhoven en v.v. Steenwijk



seizoen 24 ... Divisie IX - plt 3 - pnt 26

seizoen 25 ... Divisie IX - plt 3 - pnt 33

seizoen 26 ... Divisie IX - plt 2 - pnt 31

(promotie) seizoen 27 ... Divisie VIII - plt 5 - pnt 11

seizoen 28 ... Divisie VIII - plt 7 - pnt 14 (degradatie)

seizoen 29 ... Divisie IX - plt 1 - pnt 42 (Kampioen - promotie)

seizoen 30 ... Divisie VIII -plt .. - pnt ... (doel - handhaving)


seizoen 28 ... 1e ronde.

seizoen 29 ... 1e ronde.


Joshua1966 is a user from The Netherlands.