KF Rottenton

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KF Rottenton is runned by the user GM-Argonite and joined Hattrick 24th of September 2003.


Argonite had to wait some time before receiving his team because the user joined 24th of September but he did not get his team until 1st of October the same year. Argonite took over the team when it was in the league III.7 in Iceland. He demoted right away 24 days later and fell into the division IV.58. Argonite only stayed there for one season as he got promoted to III.1 the following season.

KF Rottenton stayed in III.1 for 7 seasons until he got promoted to II.1 where he stayed for 3 seasons until promoting to Úrvalsdeild. Argonite stayed in the top division for 7 seasons until he decided to change his training methods where he fell down the ladder.


KF Rottenton has won these titles:
Champion of Úrvalsdeild 3 Times
The Icelandic cup 3 Times
Winner of Division II 1 Time
Winner of Division III 3 Times
Winner of Division IV 1 Time