Karmøy Kickers

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Karmøy Kickers (1073494)
Nickname Kickers
Founded 25.07.2009, as jakobsen fk
Stadium Sentrum Arena [1]

(Capacity: 35,000)

Owner N/A
Chairman N/A
Manager Marius_J
League V.56 [2]
Big League Rivals Psykopatene IL
Other League Rivals Fredrikstad Kickers
Highest ranking ever 993
Home kit

Away kit

Karmøy Kickers (before: jakobsen fk) is a norwegian Hattrick club from Karmøy in Rogaland. The club was founded by their current manager Marius_J the 25.07.2009 with the name jakobsen fk.

Big changes

Marius_J was both manager and finacial owner of the club, but after season 34, the 07.07.2011 7 o'clock, he decided to sell the club to new owners. His explanation was that he had to sell if the club was going to to be any better in the future. This day, the clubname was changed from jakobsen fk to Karmøy Kickers, and the supporters changed the supporter club name to Rogalandsbataljonen at the same time. The club got a new logo and new kits because of the changes.

Prize shelf

  • Division VI.PNG Season 35 (VI.591)
  • Division VII.PNG Season 29 (VII.478)

Top scorer prizes (Current in squad only)

  • Goldenboot-new.PNG 10. Marcin Imiołek - 21 goals, Season 35 (VI.591)
  • Goldenboot-new.PNG 10. Marcin Imiołek - 15 goals, Season 34 (VI.591)

Club history

Season Cup round reached Division Final table placing Promoted / Demoted
36 2nd V.56 In progress In progress
35 2nd VI.591 1st Directly promoted
34 3rd VI.591 3rd None
33 2nd VI.591 4th None
32 1st VII.958 2nd Directly promoted
31 2nd VI.261 7th Directly demoted
30 2nd VI.261 6th None
29 1st VII.478 1st Directly promoted