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Kebol Team (729643)
HT-User: Kebol
Country: Template:Flag/ITAn
Region: Milano
Prize shelf: Division IX.PNGDivision VIII.PNGDivision VII.PNG
Arena: Kebol Team Arena (733081)
Series: VI.883
Fan club: Kebol & Wireless (about 1800-1900)

Kebol Team is club at Hattrick. The club was founded on 20th of May 2005. Club is currently playing in VI.883 division in Italia, VI.883. The biggest club moment was the victory in the season 34 on 2nd February 2008 when Kebol Team won the league VII.70.


Club manager is Kebol.

Club History

Global Season League Coppa Italia
36 - in VI.883 2nd round
35 2nd in VI.883 2nd round
34 1st in VII.70 2nd round
33 1st in VIII.1793 -
32 1st in IX.596 -
31 3rd in IX.596 -
30 3rd in IX.596 -
29 8th in VIII.867 -
28 4th in VIII.867 1st round
27 4th in VIII.867 2nd round
26 3rd in VIII.867 2nd round


  • Division VII.PNG Series Champions VII.70 Italy Season 34
  • Division VIII.PNG Series Champions VIII.1793 Italy Season 33
  • Division IX.PNG Series Champions IX.596 Italy Season 32

Club Records

Record Rating Match
Midfield to be updated match_id
Right Defence to be updated match_id
Central Defence to be updated match_id
Left Defence to be updated match_id
Right Attack to be updated match_id
Central Attack to be updated match_id
Left Attack to be updated match_id
Hatstats 178 130056260
Stars 41 130056260


Club is a member of the Federazione Hattrick sostenitori Bargig federation. The alliance founder and mentor is bargig (3859668), who's training Atletico Bargig (1041793) in V.85 division.

Flag chasing

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